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Robotic assisted Pyeloplasty | dr.anant-kumar

da vinci Robotic Prostatectomy In India.

da vinci robotic prostatectomy has considerable advantages over conventional laproscopic prostatectomy as it not only empowers the surgeon  to overcome shortcomings associated with both open prostatectomy and laproscopic prostatectomy but also offers better patient compliance.
Dr ( Prof.) Anant Kumar has good experience of performing da vinci robotic prostatectomy in India.
da vinci robotic prostatectomy offers higher resolution images and enhanced field of vision that empowers the surgeon with very precise movements inside the incision and thus less chances of residual malignant tissues and damage to surrounding healthy tissues. It not only reduces the recovery period for patient post surgery but also decreases chances of relapse of the disease because of the possibility of residual malignant tissues. As the incisions made during the da vinci robotic prostatectomy are much smaller in size,they reduces chances of any post surgery infections and lesser hospital stay for patients.  

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