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CMCS Health – Retainership Program

As we value our association with our foreign guests who got their specialized medical treatment in India through CMCS Health.

CMCS Health - Retainership Program:

We not only ensure best medical treatment for our Global guests in India but also want to share the profitability of our organization with them, because of our association. Any guest who get his specialized medical treatment in India can work as our profit sharing partner by recommending other guest from their country to us . If these new guests comes to CMCS Health because of recommendation of earlier treated patients ,we offer attractive financial incentives for the earlier treated patient. Since we believe in total transparency ,the moment we get a query from a new patient through the earlier treated patient and after getting opinion from Indian doctor's for this recommended patient's treatment required,we inform the earlier treated patient about the extent of the financial incentive for this new recommended patient, if they come to us for their medical treatment.  
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