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Liver Transplant in India |CMCS Health.

Liver transplant in India | Best Liver transplant surgeon

Liver Transplant (LTP) is the surgery performed by a trained and well experienced transplant gastroenterology surgeon to replace a portion of liver from an alive healthy donor or a deceased donor to replace the damaged liver in an end stage Liver disease patient.At CMCS HEALTH, we offer Liver transplant in India with best liver transplant surgeons for our global guests.

At CMCS Health we have the best Gastroenterologists and transplant gastroenterologist (Liver transplant) Surgeons in India as our associates and best Indian liver transplant hospitals for a successful liver transplant in India and effective post Liver transplant care for maintenance and sustaining of the newly transplanted Liver.

Understanding Liver functions:

Liver is an important human organ with multiple roles to perform for one's survival. A very important fact about liver is, it is the only organ of human body that re-grows in full functionality even if 75% of it is damaged or removed. Liver has amazing ability to regenerate itself naturally from the existing healthy and undamaged liver cells.

The major functions of liver in human body are:

It works as an energy provider for our body functions by storing Sugar, vitamins and iron. Liver works as a regulator for production and removing of cholesterol. Liver plays a very important role of metabolism and is also responsible for clearing of toxins, wastes of metabolism and certain drugs. Liver also forms clotting factors which checks bleeding because of injury or cut. liver fights with infections by forming immune factors and removing bacteria from blood stream. Liver helps in digestion of food and absorption of important nutrients by releasing bile.

Reasons for Liver failure:

The major reasons for liver failure are chronic Hepatitis-B & C infections. Alcohol related liver disease, non Alcoholic fatty liver disease, autoimmune hepatitis, reaction to overusing and overdosing of certain medications, prolonged exposure to harmful and toxic chemicals, parasitic infections, abnormal medical conditions that damage, destroy or causing blockage in bile ducts. Other less significant factors may be obesity, uncontrolled diabetes, hyperlipidemia, hypertension and metabolic syndrome.

Liver transplant in India | Best Liver Doctor | Best Liver Hospital

The most viable treatment for ESLD (end stage liver disease) or Liver Failure is Liver transplant. The damaged liver in patient is replaced with liver from a deceased donor or portion of healthy liver from a live donor. As Liver has the ability of regeneration of it's full functionality in a short period of time, both the live donor and patient regain health within a short span of a successful liver transplant. Extensive evaluation of patient and donor improve the chances of a successful liver transplant. CMCS Health is associated with best Indian liver transplant surgeons and well trained and experienced nursing and support staff for Liver Transplant in India for our global guests. We are associated with best Indian Hospitals which are fully equipped to handle any eventuality arising out of complications of liver transplant for better success rates.

Tests for Patient requiring Liver transplant :

Following tests are needed for patient requiring liver transplant surgery , these tests reports will confirm the success for liver transplant and becomes guiding lines for doctors to decide if patient should undergo liver transplant or not.

CMCS Health has successfully coordinated many liver transplant in India for Indian and global patients .

A successful liver transplant requires a well coordinated team effort of a gastro physician, a liver transplant surgeon, anesthesia specialists, transplant coordinator and a dietitian. The success of a Liver transplant also depends on the patient and the family.

Post Liver transplant care and management:

Proper and timely follow up of tests your doctors have prescribed. Taking all your post transplant medicines at the accurate time interval prescribed by your doctor. As you are on immunosuppressant medicines to avoid rejection of new liver by your own body, you should adopt good personal hygiene for not falling with infections.

A successfully Liver transplanted patient lives a perfectly normal life with adequate precautions and timely check ups with the doctor. Some of the medicines will be life long although after three months of transplant the dosage and quantity of medicines are reduced depending on the performance of new liver and how patient's body respond to new Liver.

Cost of Liver transplant In India :

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