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Kidney Transplant in India | CMCS Health

Kidney Transplant in India | Best Kidney Doctor | Best Kidney Hospital

Kidney or renal transplant are the surgery performed by a trained and well experienced transplant urology surgeon to replace a new fully functional kidney from a healthy donor or a deceased donor to replace the functions of faulty or failed kidneys in a CRF (Chronic renal failure) or end stage renal disease patient.We are associated with Best Nephrologist and Transplant Urology surgeons for Kidney transplant in India | Best Kidney Doctor | Best Kidney Hospital for our Global guests.

At CMCS Health we have the best Nephrologists and transplant Urology Surgeon in India as our associates and best Indian hospitals for a kidney transplant in India‚and effective post kidney transplant care for maintenance and sustaining of the newly transplanted kidney.

Understanding Kidney function:

The function of healthy human kidneys is to remove toxins and wastes of metabolites and minerals from the blood. Kidneys also produces certain hormones like calcitriol and erythropoietin .Erythropoietin is responsible for growth and maturation of RBCs. Kidneys also plays a role in maintaining a healthy blood pressure.

Reasons for kidney failure:

The two major causes for kidney failure are prolonged uncontrolled and untreated high blood pressure (Hypertension) and elevated and uncontrolled blood sugar (Diabetes).

The other causes include glomerulonephritis. Glomerulonephritis is a disease that damages the toxins and wastes filtering capacity of kidneys. The exact cause of glomerulonephritis is not known but studies suggest it could be heredity or may be some untreated infections.

Over usage of certain over the counter pain relieving medicines (NSAIDs etc) and severe blood loss or dehydration may also cause kidney failure.

Treatment Options for Kidney Failure:

The first treatment a ESRD (end stage renal disease) or kidney failure patient receives is Hemodialysis. That is artificial filtration of blood by using dialysis machines. But hemodialysis is not a permanent solution and nephrologists and urologists may consider Kidney transplant from a deceased or live donor as a better and stable solution for end stage kidney disease (ESRD) patient.

Kidney Transplant in India | Best Kidney Doctor | Best Kidney Hospital

A successful Kidney transplant requires a well coordinated team effort of a nephrologists, a transplant surgeon, transplant coordinator and a dietitian. The success of a kidney transplant also depends on the patient and the family.

Post Kidney transplant care and management:

Proper and timely follow up of tests your doctors have prescribed. Taking all your post transplant medicines at the accurate time interval prescribed by your doctor. As you are on immunosuppressant medicines to avoid rejection of new kidney by your own body, you should adopt good personal hygiene for not falling with infections.

A successful kidney transplant patient lives a perfectly normal life with adequate precautions and timely check ups with the doctor. Some of the medicines will be life long although after three months of transplant the dosage and quantity of medicines are reduced depending on the performance of new kidney and how patients body respond to new kidney.

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