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Cosmetics and Reconstructive Surgery in India

Cosmetics and Reconstructive Surgeries in India (Plastic Surgery):

Everyone has the right to look good and feel comfortable about their appearance. Cosmetic and reconstructive surgery is again a specialty surgery branch that focuses on improving the physical appearance of a person as well as to restore functionality and mobility. Cosmetics or plastic surgery is not only about improvement in physical appearance but also include many other types of surgeries aimed at restoring the body function and mobility like craniofacial surgery, hand surgery, microsurgery, corrective surgery for burns and scars and corrective surgery for congenital abnormalities like cleft lips or cleft palates.

This super specialized branch of surgery can be further subdivided in three broad categories.

  • Plastic Surgery:

Plastic surgery is generally performed to correct congenital defects like cleft palates and cleft lips or to remove abnormal skin conditions like a birth marks or tribal mark in many African tribes, warts or acne scars.

  • Cosmetic Surgery:

Cosmetic surgery are performed for enhancing the appearance of a person like reshaping of body parts, body shaping, body contouring.

Major procedures done by our best Indian Cosmetics Surgeon are:

Skin rejuvenation and resurfacing, Surgery for reduction of big ears or set protruding ears closer to head, Eyes for correcting drooping upper eye lid or removing puffy bags under the eyes, Facelift surgery for removing wrinkles, creases, scars, reshaping of jawbone, double chin and nose, Correction of baldness, Tummy tuck, Breast reduction, reshaping and augmentation, arm and thigh lift ,Buttocks reshaping and augmentation, reshaping and contouring of body after a major weight loss and many more.

 Reconstructive Surgery:

These specialized surgeries are performed generally for patients suffered with burn injuries (Skin grafting) or those who have undergone a trauma or accident and may have severely fractured bones or even cutting off of some body part due to an injury or as a consequence of some other surgeries like cancer surgery etc.

At Complete Medicare Solutions we are associated with the best Indian Cosmetics and Plastic surgeons for taking care of the needs of our esteemed global guests.

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