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Dental Treatment in India The Medical specialty that diagnoses the oral cavity problems usually the teeth and gums is called dental surgery. At Complete Medicare Solutions we are associated with well experienced and best Indian dental surgeons for dental and gum related problems of our global guests. An effective way to avoid teeth and gum related problems is to maintain good oral hygiene but in advanced age, some growth abnormality or trauma may need us to see a dental surgeon for our teeth and gum related issues. Recent studies have shown that bad oral hygiene may lead to other health complications like: Cardiovascular diseases, Bacterial Pneumonia, Diabetes complications, osteoporosis, and weight related issues in new born. What causes teeth and Gum related problems? Certain foods such as Sugar especially sucrose (Common sugar), other carbohydrates, cooked starches, fruit juices or soft drinks containing acids, caffeine containing beverages may also cause harm to teeth and gums. Smoking and chewing tobacco are also major reasons for teeth and gums. Certain teeth problems may be childhood or problems arising of trauma as well. How to prevent teeth and gum related problems? Maintaining good oral hygiene is a must to avoid teeth and gum related problems. Brushing your teeth at least twice in a day    
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