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Cancer Treatment in India | Best Indian cancer doctors

Cancer treatment in India | Best Indian cancer doctors.

At CMCS Health,we are associated with best Indian Cancer specialists for Cancer treatment in India with best Indian cancer doctors .

Cancer is a disease characterized by a rapid and uncontrolled abnormal cell division. Cancerous cells have ability to invade other surrounding tissues too. Cancer cells can travel from the tissue of origin to other tissues through blood and lymph system. When cancer cells spread from the tissue of origin to other tissues, it is called metastasis. Metastasis makes treatment of cancer difficult. A cancer detected in early stage has better chances of being cured. Unfortunately cancers are rarely detected in early stages. There are more than 100 types of cancers affecting human body. Cancer can be broadly divided in sub categories depending on the tissue of origin. The major categories of cancer are:

Carcinoma: Cancers that start in inner lining or skin covering the internal organs. There are many sub types of carcinomas like adenocarcinoma ,basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma and transitional cell carcinoma.

Sarcoma: that starts in cells of bone, cartilage, muscles, fat, blood vessels or other supportive and connective tissues.

Leukemia: cancers that start in bone marrow and are characterized by presence of large numbers of abnormal blood cells.

Lymphoma and Myeloma: These cancers start in immune system of human body.

CNS Cancers: cancers that start in central nervous system, i.e. brain and spinal cord.

What causes cancer?

As cancer is mutation in DNA of cell, there are many risk factors involved with formation of cancer. Majorly consumption of tobacco is linked with cancer, whether chewing or smoking. Certain viral and bacterial infections may also cause cancer, HPV (Human pappilomavirus),Hepatitis-B and Hepatitis-C infection, Epstein bar virus and H pylori infections may cause cancers in human. Exposure to radiation, dietary habits, use of alcohol, obesity and certain genetic factors may be possible causes of cancer.

Cancer Treatment in India :

Pin pointed diagnosis plays an important role in cancer treatment.At CMCS Health we are associated with best Indian hospitals that have latest and ultra modern diagnostics facilities for detection and staging of cancers ,it helps in better outcome of cancer treatments. Cancer treatments are broadly divided in three streams namely surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. We are associated with best Indian cancer specialists for offering best cancer treatment in India for our global guests. The three major treatments options for cancer are:

  1. Cancer Surgery: Surgery is still the gold standard for cancer treatment for resectable, localized smaller tumors. Reconstructive surgeries are also done after cancer surgery to give shape to deformity caused by cancer surgery. At CMCS Health we are associated with Best and well experienced Indian Cancer surgeons.
  2. Radiation therapy: Radiation therapy is usage of high energy radiations to kill the cancerous cells or reducing the size of tumor for making it resectable. Sometimes radiation therapy is combined with chemotherapy or pre and post surgery for better outcome of treatment. The Indian hospitals we use for cancer treatments of our global guests have latest and most sophisticated radiation therapy machines for better outcome.
  3. Chemotherapy: chemotherapy is usage of antineoplastic agents either as single agent or combination of multiple drugs to kill cancerous cells. There are different regimens and different protocols for treating different cancers. The newer targeted chemo therapies offer better and safer treatment options.At Complete Medical Solutions we are associated with best and well experienced Indian Medical Oncologists.

Sometimes either two or all three options are used for better outcome of cancer treatments.

Proper follow up with treating doctors and regular checkups and screening as recommended by treating doctors help the patient in living a disease free life post cancer treatments.

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