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Why a kidney transplant is needed?

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Kidney transplant is needed when both the kidneys stop working in a person,the medical condition is also called end stage renal disease.Hemodialysis is an option but not a permanent solution.

What are functions of healthy Kidney?

The two kidneys in humans are responsible for filtering and excretion of toxins, for maturation of RBCs, regulation of arterial blood,production of erythropoietin,regulation of Vit-D production, glucogenesis , regulation of Acid-Base balance,regulation of arterial blood pressure.

What Causes Kidney Failure?

Prolonged uncontrolled diabetes, Prolonged uncontrolled blood pressure , severe dehydration , trauma to kidney , misuse and overuse of over the counter pain drugs , lupus ( An auto immune disorder) , glomerulonephritis , polycystic Kidney disease.

How Kidney failure is diagnosed?

Usually no eminent symptoms are present in early stages but following symptoms indicate a kidney failure:

  • Decreased urine output
  • Swelling on legs, ankles and feet
  • Shortness of breath
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Nausea ,confusion ,pressure in chest, seizures or even patient going in coma.

How Kidney Failure is diagnosed?

  • Blood tests ( BUN   & creatinine)
  • Urine analysis and urine volume
  • MRIs , CT scans
  • Kidney biopsy

Who Could be a Kidney Donor ?

In India a live donor need to be a blood relative Mother,father,son,daughter,brothers and sisters and a husband/wife. After much deliberations grandparents and grandchildren are also included in list of blood relatives.

Donor should be a healthy person between the age group 18- 55 years.

How a kidney transplant is done ?

After initial screening about feasibility for recipient and fitness of donor , approval of government of India appointed organ transplant committee clearance ,surgery date is given and patient and donor are admitted in hospital for the surgery . Donor is discharged usually in 4 to 5 days and patient remains in isolation ICU from 7 to 9 days before discharge.Transplants can be done either by laparoscopic or Robotic way.

Precautions post Kidney transplant:

Patient need to be taking his medications at prescribed time ( Immunosuppressant) to avoid risk of graft rejection.Regular kidney function tests and tacrolimus level test initially to tailor the dose.Good personal and oral hygiene to ward off any infections due to immunocompromised state.Avoiding any strenuous exercise or physical activity for 6 to 8 weeks.Consuming only properly cooked food and carefully washed fruits.Creating healthy eating habits to help control your weight, blood sugar levels, blood pressure, and body fluid retention.



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