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Top Breast cancer doctors in India.

Breast cancers are one of the most prevalent cancers among the global population. Earlier it was thought that breast cancer affects only elderly women but with growing awareness and better diagnostic facilities, It is evident that breast cancer affects younger women too. At CMCS Health, we are associated with the Top breast cancer doctors in India for cost-effective and comprehensive breast cancer treatments.

Breast cancer treatment depends on the type of cancer, stage of cancer, age and overall health of the patient, and personal choice of the patient.

At CMCS Health , we offer cost-effective breast cancer treatment in India at best breast cancer hospitals in India , for both Indian and global medical travelers. Due to investments in diagnostic facilities put up by the best breast cancer treatment hospitals. Most of the best Indian breast cancer hospitals are at par with their western counterparts for accurate diagnosis and positive treatment outcomes. Adding to infrastructure, the expertise and competency of Indian breast cancer specialists have made India a first choice destination for medical travelers to India.

Types of breast cancer :

Breast cancers are classified, depending on the types of cells involved.

Ductal Carcinoma in situ - DCIS ( Non invasive ):

Ductal carcinoma in situ is abnormal cells in the milk duct of the breast. They appear as a cluster of irregularly shaped and sized cells which are calcified. Ductal cell carcinoma usually does not have signs and symptoms but is discovered on a routine mammogram examination of the breast or for investigation of a breast lump. Ductal carcinoma in situ is also called noninvasive ductal carcinoma as they are limited to milk ducts only and have not infiltrated to surrounding fatty tissues of the breast. Ductal carcinoma in situ are the precursor form of breast cancer and a treatment is considered by the breast cancer specialist only if a lump appears in the breast tissues, noticing an area of puckered or otherwise unusual skin, a thickened region under the skin, or unusual nipple discharge.

Depending on age and considering the risk factors breast cancer specialists may recommend breast-conserving surgery or a surgery to remove all of the breast tissue combined with radiation therapy.

Invasive Ductal cell carcinoma ( IDC):

Invasive ductal cell carcinoma is the most common of all breast cancers and accounts for almost 75 to 80 % of breast cancers. Invasive ductal cell carcinoma starts in the milk ducts of breast but spreads to fatty tissues of the breast. It can also spread to auxiliary lymph nodes and other distant tissues and organs through the lymphatic system and blood stream.

When it is spread out of the breast tissues , it is called metastatic invasive ductal cell breast cancer.

Lobular carcinoma in situ-LCIS ( Non invasive):

Lobular carcinoma of breast is forming of abnormal cells in the lobules of breast or milk glands. Lobular carcinoma in situ is not considered a breast cancer but a women diagnosed with LCIS is considered at higher risk of developing breast cancer. If a women is diagnosed with LCIS , doctors may recommend Regular and periodic screening of breast including mammogram and will also discuss treatment plans so that LCIS does not transform into invasive carcinoma.

Invasive Lobular carcinoma- ILC:

Invasive lobular carcinoma ( ILC ) are the second most common breast cancer in women. These cancers start in milk producing ducts or lobules of breast and infiltrate or invade the other tissues. Most of the invasive lobular carcinomas are estrogen receptor positive ( ER+) and HER2 negative.

ILC are slowing growing breast cancers and does not respond well to chemotherapy , hormonal therapy is key to treatment of invasive lobular carcinoma of breast.

Inflammatory breast cancer ( IBC ) :

Inflammatory breast cancers are very rare breast cancer types. They account for only 1 to 5 % of all breast cancers. Inflammatory breast cancers are invasive ductal carcinomas, which are developed from cells that line the milk ducts of the breast and then spread beyond the ducts. They are the most aggressive of all breast cancers and require prompt treatment. Inflammatory breast cancers are majorly hormone-negative and thus hormone treatments do not work with IBC.

Inflammatory breast cancers are more common in African American women as compared to fair-skinned women. IBC are more common in obese women than the women who are on leaner side.

Angiosarcoma of breast:

Angiosarcoma of the breast are very rare cancer and 1 out of 100 women may have angiosarcoma of the breast. Angiosarcoma of the breast usually forms in the lining ( walls) of lymphatic vessels or blood vessels. Angiosarcoma of the breast grows quickly and is difficult to treat. Angiosarcoma develops generally in people older than 70 years of age and sometimes previous radiation therapy to the breast may be one of the causes.

Paget's disease of the breast:

Paget's disease of breast is also a very rare cancer. Paget's disease of breast starts in the skin of nipple or areola.

The prognosis for Paget's disease breast depends on several factors, including the presence or absence of invasive cancer and whether or not it has spread to nearby lymph nodes.

Other classification of breast cancers:

Breast cancer can be further subdivided on expression of certain receptors. It helps in determining the treatment course also. It is usually done once the biopsy reports of breast tissues is done.

Hormone receptor-positive breast cancers:

Once the biopsy report confirms expression of certain hormone receptors like Estrogen-positive, Progesterone-positive , Both estrogen and progesterone receptor positive breast cancers , HER2 receptor positive breast cancers and triple negative breast cancers treatment options are decided by the clinicians.

Treatments for breast cancer are determined by their types, grade, stage , overall health, age and personal preference of patient.

Early diagnosis of breast cancer is the key to successful treatment of breast cancer and a better treatment outcome:

If a patient feels the following signs and symptoms , she should immediately seek medical attention. A woman who is at higher risk of developing breast cancer must undergo breast cancer screening at regular intervals. Awareness about breast cancer is extremely necessary in underdeveloped countries and developing nations. Many precious lives can be saved with a timely diagnosis of breast cancer.

Signs and symptoms of breast cancer:

There are no generalized symptoms of breast cancer and they may differ from patient to patient. The most common breast cancer signs and symptoms are as follows:

  • Feeling a newly formed lump in the breast tissues or in armpit
  • Thickening or swelling on any part of breast
  • Redness or flakiness of skin on breast , nipple or areola
  • Dimpling of breast skin
  • Any unusual breast discharge ( other than milk ) including blood
  • sinking in of nipple ( nipple turning inwards) or pain in the nipple area

Risk factors for breast cancer:

A single factor can not be pointed out for the risk of breast cancer but a combination of factors is responsible for breast cancers. Some can develop breast cancer without having any of the risk factors whereas many women will never have breast cancer despite having a combination of risk factors.

Common risk factors associated with breast cancers are as:

  • Gender ( Being a woman ) and increasing age ( Older age ) is considered as one of the risk factors for developing breast cancer
  • Women who have inherited certain mutations in genes such as BRC1 and BRC2 are at a higher risk of developing breast cancer later in their lives
  • Women who start menstruating at an early age ( lower than 12 years of age ) and women in whom the menopause ( cessation of menstrual cycle ) takes place beyond 55 years of age are at a higher risk of developing breast cancer
  • Women with dense breast ( More connective tissues in breast rather than the fatty tissues) are at a higher risk
  • Some non-cancerous breast diseases such as atypical hyperplasia or lobular carcinoma in situ are associated with a higher risk of getting breast cancer
  • Women who have a relative like mother , sister or daughter diagnosed with breast cancer stands higher risk
  • Previous exposure of radiation therapy
  • Exposure to drug Diethylstilbestrol ( DES )
  • Living a sedentary life style and being obese
  • Certain birth control pills and hormone replacement therapies in post menopausal women increases risk of developing breast cancer
  • Smoking and start of alcoholic drinks at an early age increases the risk

Women who are at high risk factors for developing breast cancers must undergo regular and periodic breast cancer screening under the supervision of their doctor.

Diagnosis of breast cancer:

On suspicion of breast cancer, a doctor may recommend following investigation to confirm the diagnosis.

  • Diagnostic mammogram
  • Breast ultrasound
  • MRI of breast
  • Biopsy of breast tissues

Cost of Breast cancer diagnosis in India:

The cost for diagnosis of breast cancer and it's types for deciding about the accurate treatment course may vary from 600 USD to 1000 USD.

This will include review of biopsy blocks and ICD markers , Breast ultrasound , MRI of breast , True cut or core biopsy and PET CT.

Breast cancer treatment in India :

Once a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer the first step is to do grading and staging of breast cancer and also the typing of breast cancer. Depending on these findings, a treatment protocol is made.

Top Breast cancer doctors in India :

Like other specialist Indian doctors treating specialized medical conditions, the breast cancer specialists doctors of India are among the top doctors in the world. Highly qualified, very competent and experienced breast cancer specialist from India offers complete and comprehensive breast cancer treatments in India ,for both Indian and foreign patients.

Top breast cancer surgeons in India:

Indian breast cancer surgeons are regarded as best breast cancer surgeons in The world. They are equally adept at breast cancer surgery and breast reconstruction surgery.

Dr. Ramesh Sarin - Best breast cancer surgeon in India - CMCS Health.
Dr. Ramesh Sarin.
Breast cancer surgeon.
Indraprastha Apollo Hospital 
New Delhi, India.

Dr Kanchan Kaur - Breast cancer surgeon- Medanta the Medicity - CMCS health.
Dr Kanchan Kaur 
Breast cancer surgeon
Medanta - The Medicity,
Gurugram, India.

Dr. Harit Chaturvedi - Best Breast cancer surgeon in India - CMCS Health.
Dr. Harit Chaturvedi
Breast cancer Surgeon
Max Super specialty hospital
Saket, New Delhi.

Surgery for breast cancer treatment in India:

Surgery is the first choice for localized breast cancers or cancers that have not metastasized to distant tissues and organs. There are different types of breast cancer removal surgeries in India performed by top breast cancer surgeons. Breast-conserving breast cancer surgeries and breast reconstruction surgeries are routinely done by Top breast cancer surgeons in India.

Surgery is the mainstay of breast cancer treatment. Sometimes your breast cancer treating doctor may advise clubbing of chemotherapy and radiation therapy for complete and comprehensive breast cancer treatment.

There are two major types of breast cancer surgery being performed in India for breast cancer treatment.

  1. Mastectomy for breast cancer:

Mastectomy is the complete removal of the breast. Mastectomy surgery can be further subdivided as:

  • Radical Mastectomy: In radical mastectomy breast cancer surgeon removes breast tissues , nipple , areola and skin. All the lymph nodes and pectoral muscles are spared during the surgery. It is not a routine surgery now for breast cancer treatment.
  • Modified Radical mastectomy ( MRM) : In modified radical mastectomy for treating breast cancers breast cancer surgeon removes breast tissues , nipple , areola , skin and all the involved axillary lymph nodes ( lymph nodes in the armpit).
  • Skin or nipple sparing mastectomy: Skin or nipple sparing mastectomy is actually a variation of total mastectomy for treatment of breast cancers. It is done with intention of breast reconstruction at the same time or later.
  • Double mastectomy: Double mastectomy is complete removal of both the breast for a breast cancer patient.

2.Lumpectomy or Breast conservation surgery:

Lumpectomy or breast conservation surgery in stead of mastectomy is done for those breast cancer patients where the breast tumor is localized and the size is not too big. In this surgery the breast cancer surgeon will surgically remove will remove the tumor along with safe margins surrounding the tumor. It may be followed by chemotherapy ( Adjuvant ) , radiation therapy and hormone therapy.

Breast Oncoplasty or breast reconstruction surgery:

Lumpectomy or breast-conserving surgery may at times leave an unsightly scar or disfigurement. A cosmetics or breast reconstruction surgery is done to remove the unsightly scar or correct the disfigurement. It can be done at the time of lumpectomy itself or sometime later.

Cost of breast Cancer Surgery in India:

Cost depends on types of surgery ( Mastectomy , MRM , Lumpectomy , Breast reconstruction ) advised and opted by the patient.

Cost of breast cancer surgery in India .3000-6000 USD.

Side effects of breast cancer surgery:

Like any other surgery , risk of complications ( although they are easily treatable ) are also there with breast cancer surgery. It is advisable to treat any complication of breast cancer surgery immediately.

  • Forming of blood clot in legs is a possibility after breast cancer surgery . Rarely these blood clots may travel to lungs and causes a very serious medical condition. Your doctors will advise that soon after breast cancer surgery , you must start walking and doing leg exercises to prevent blood clot formation.
  • Bleeding from surgery wound in small quantity and soaking the dressing is ok but if you notice persistent and moderate bleeding please speak to your doctor about it.
  • Surgical wound infection is also a possibility , if you feel pain or observe any discharge from surgery wound , the skin feels red , swollen and hot , run a temperature , speak to your doctor. You may need antibiotics treatment for clearing the infection.
  • Seroma ( Edema near the surgery area) can take place after surgery. If seroma is painful , your treating doctor may remove the fluid from the operation site by tapping with a needle and syringe.
  • Feeling of numbness, tingling or a shooting pain in your armpit, upper arm, shoulder or chest wall. This is due to damage to the nerves during surgery. The nerves usually repair themselves, but it can take many weeks or months.
  • Shoulder stiffness may occur in some patients post breast cancer surgery because of removal of lymph nodes. You will be advised to do physiotherapy to restore mobility to shoulder.
  • Lymphoedema may occur in some breast cancer patients post surgery and lymph node removal. Small swelling in arm and hand is ok and it subsides quickly after surgery . If this swelling does not settle soon after the surgery and it persists along with pain and tenderness in hand and arm , consult your doctor. This is swelling caused by lymph fluid that can't drain away. It can happen any time after surgery. Once you have lymphoedema it can’t be cured but early treatment can help to control it. Your nurse will talk to you about ways of preventing lymphoedema. Read our exhaustive blog on Lymphoedema to know more about it.

Top breast cancer doctors in India - Chemotherapy.

India offers the services of best Indian medical oncologists for breast cancer chemotherapy. The best breast cancer treatment hospitals in India are well equipped with infrastructure , latest technologies and best in the class medical oncologist to provide chemotherapy for breast cancer patients.

Medical Oncologist
Dr. Priya Tewari
Breast cancer-Medical Oncology
Artemis Hospital
Gurugram, India.

Dr. Sandeep Batra - Medical Oncologist - Max Healthcare - CMCS health.
Dr. Sanedep Batra
Breast cancer - Medical oncology
Max Healthcare ,
New Delhi, India.

Dr Ankur Bahal - Medical Oncology - FMRI - CMCS health.
Dr. Ankur Bahal
Breast cancer-Medical oncology 
Gurugram, India.

Chemotherapy for breast cancer treatment in India:

Chemotherapy is administering of chemo. medicines for killing the breast cancer cells. Chemotherapy for breast cancer can be given either prior to surgery to reduce the size of tumor and when many lymph nodes are involved to reduce the extent of surgery. Chemotherapy given prior to breast cancer surgery is called neoadjuvant chemotherapy for breast cancer treatment.

Chemotherapy is also given in some breast cancer patients post the breast cancer surgery to kill any leftover cancerous cells or any cancer cells that may have escaped to lymphatic system or blood vessels. When chemo is given post the surgery , it is called adjuvant chemotherapy for breast cancer treatment.

In metastatic breast cancers chemotherapy is the mainstay of breast cancer treatments.

Duration and type of chemotherapy depends on the type of breast cancer and how the patient responds to a chemotherapy regimen for breast cancer treatment.

Cost of breast cancer chemotherapy in India:

Cost will depend on mode of administration of chemotherapy and the chemotherapy regimen and chemotherapy medicines used.

Cost of putting Chemo port for breast cancer chemotherapy:

Chemotherapy can be given by both conventional Intravenous way or most favoured and advisable chemo port .

Cost of Putting Chemo-Port1200 -1400 USD

As chemotherapy is given in periodic cycles and duration of chemotherapy depends on patient's response to chemotherapy , it is prudent to quote the cost of one cycle of chemotherapy and it has to be multiplied by number of cycles decided by the medical oncologists.

Cost of one cycle of Chemotherapy ( Depending on chemotherapy medicine & it's make )400 -1200 USD

Side effects of breast cancer chemotherapy:

Most side effects of chemotherapy for treating breast cancers are temporary and subsides once the chemotherapy is over. They may be worse during the treatment and may last for some weeks or month following the chemotherapy. Rarely they are long lasting and permanent.

Chemotherapy for breast cancers is given to kill fast-multiplying breast cancer cells but at times they do affect fast-multiplying healthy cells too like those in hair follicles , bone marrow and digestive tract.

Side effects of chemotherapy usually occur because of damage to these fast multiplying healthy cells but the healthy cells are capable of repairing the chemotherapy damage once the chemotherapy cycles are finished.

Common and short term side effects of breast cancer chemotherapy are listed below:

  • Hair loss ( Falling of hair ). Hair regrows once chemotherapy is over.
  • Nausea and vomiting ( Your medical oncologist may prescribe anti-emetic medicines to reduce severity ).
  • Loss of appetite
  • Constipation or diarrhea ( Your chemotherapy doctors will manage it with medicines).
  • Skin and change of nail colour
  • Generalized fatigue or low energy levels
  • Mouth sores
  • Because of myelosuppression ( Damage to bone marrow cells - immunosuppression) , low numbers of white blood cells thus increased risk of infections.
  • Nerve damage ( Chemotherapy induced neuropathy )
  • Chemo-brain ( loss of cognitive function that affects memory and concentration).

Rare but long term side effects of breast cancer chemotherapy:

  • Chemotherapy induced infertility. some anti cancer medicines ( Chemotherapy ) hampers ovarian function and ovarian reserves. Although it is rare but can affect the chances of pregnancy for younger women. If you want to start a family after breast cancer treatment discuss this possibility with your medical oncologist. Preservation of ovaries and eggs prior to chemotherapy helps in achieving pregnancy through in vitro fertilization in such breast cancer patients.
  • Chemotherapy induced bone mass loss. As Chemotherapy hampers ovarian function , many women undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer treatment may experience an early onset of menopause. and as a consequence may suffer from osteopenia or osteoporosis. The chances of fractures increases in such women. You may need to do periodic bone density tests and may require to take treatments for further bone loss.
  • Chemotherapy induced Heart Damage. Chemotherapy for breast cancer carry a small risk of weakening of the heart muscles and other heart problems.
  • Increase risk of leukemia. Breast cancer chemotherapy also increases chances of a secondary cancer like that of blood cancer after many years of breast cancer treatment.

Targeted drug therapy for breast cancer treatment in India :

Targeted drug therapy for breast cancer is using of certain medicines which have a distinct affinity towards certain proteins expressed in breast cancer patients. These proteins helps breast cancer cells to thrive , multiply and live longer. These proteins are expressed noticeably in pathological findings of breast cancer tissues send for biopsy.

Targeted drug therapy for treating breast cancer work in several ways , like monoclonal antibodies also work by boosting one's immunity to fight breast cancers and are also called immunotherapy for treating breast cancers.

Several types of targeted drug therapy for treating breast cancers are available and regularly being used with very good success.

Cost of Targeted drug therapy for breast cancer treatment:

Cost depends on the choice of targeted drug and body weight of the patient and number of chemotherapy cycles.

Immunotherapy for breast cancer treatment in India:

Immunotherapy for treating breast cancer is administering of immunotherapy drugs that increases one's own inherent immunity to recognise and destroy the cancerous breast cells.

Immunotherapy is used for treating recurring breast cancers , metastatic breast cancers and triple negative breast cancer treatments along with chemotherapy and radiation therapy .

Cost of Immunotherapy for breast cancer treatment in India:

Cost depends on immunotherapeutic agent and number of cycles.

Top breast cancer doctors in India - Radiation therapy:

Breast cancer treatments may involve radiation therapy treatment too , along with chemotherapy and surgery. At , CMCS Health we offer services of Best Breast cancer radiation therapy doctors in India for complete breast cancer treatment for Indian and foreign patients.

Dr G K Jadhav - Radiation Oncology - CMCS health.
Dr. G.K.Jadhav
Breast cancer- Radiation Oncology
Apollo Hospital,
New Delhi , India.

Dr Charu Garg - Max healthcare - New Delhi - CMCS health.
Dr. Charu Garg
Breast cancer - Radiation Oncology.
Max super specialty Hospital,
Saket, New Delhi.

Dr S Jayalaxmi - Radiation Oncology - Artemis Hospital - CMCS Health.
Dr. S. Jayalaxmi
Breast cancer- Radiation Oncology,
Artemis Hospital,
Gurugram, India.

Radiation-therapy for treating breast cancer :

Radiation therapy for treatment of breast cancer is used for reducing the chances of recurrence of breast cancer. Radiation therapy is also used for providing relief from pain

After careful evaluation of breast cancer size, stage, and location  a radiation oncologist may give options of doing either more commonly used external beam radiation or brachytherapy for treating breast cancer.

External beam radiation therapy for breast cancer treatment :

External beam radiation therapy for treatment of breast cancer is targeting focused high energy X-rays or subatomic particles like protons and photons on breast cancer cells to destroy them. Most common external beam radiation techniques for treating breast cancer are:

  • 3D conformal radiation therapy involves taking 3 dimensional pictures of tumor with help of a computer. It is also named as 3D CRT. 3D CRT helps the treating radiation oncologist give highest dose of radiation to tumor and sparing the normal healthy tissues.
  • Volume modulated arc therapy ( VMAT) is a newer form of external beam radiation therapy for treating breast cancers. In VMAT for breast cancer radiation therapy the machine rotates around patient's body while she is lying down, delivering continuous doses of radiation toward the breast tumor. During VMAT, patient receive customized doses of radiation as a machine encircles patient's body in one or more rotations, or arcs. VMAT allows the radiation oncologists to direct high doses of radiation toward breast tumors without exposing the surrounding healthy tissue to harmful amounts of radiation.
  • Image modulated radiation therapy ( IMRT) uses a computer controlled CT scan for delivering radiation beams at different doses and angles to breast cancer tissues. IMRT helps the radiation oncologist to target breast cancer tissues without harming critical organs like lungs, heart and surrounding normal tissues.
  • Image guided radiation therapy ( IGRT) is a new technique of Image modulated radiation therapy with daily imaging of radiation area for treating breast cancer. IGRT uses imaging technologies such as PETMRI, and CT to more accurately and safely deliver radiation to cancer cells. The machines that are used to deliver the radiation, called linear accelerators, are equipped with the imaging equipment so that doctors can confirm exactly where the tumor is in the body before and during treatments.

Internal radiation therapy (Brachytherapy) for breast cancer treatment:

Internal radiation therapy ( brachytherapy ) is placing a device containing radioactive material inside the body of breast cancer patient either at the tumor bed or nearby it. Brachytherapy could be a good option for certain women who have undergone lumpectomy for breast cancer treatment. Brachytherapy is not an option for other breast cancer patient as suitability depends on size and location of tumor.

Radiation therapy for breast cancer treatment is done after the healing of the surgical wound and with the intention of reducing chances of recurrence. We are associated with one of the best and most experienced radiation oncologist for breast cancer treatment in India.

Cost of Radiation therapy for Breast cancer treatment:

Cost depends on type and number of radiation therapy sessions decided by the Radiation oncologist.

Cost of Radiation therapy for breast cancer treatment in India.2400-6000 USD

Hormone therapy for breast cancer treatment in India:

The two main female hormones estrogen and progesterone are produced by ovaries in women who are still menstruating. Estrogen and progesterone are also produced by certain fatty tissues and skin in both pre menopausal and post menopausal women and men too.

In women estrogen is responsible for development and maintenance of female sex characteristics and the growth of long bones while progesterone plays a role on regulating the menstrual cycle and pregnancy.

Hormone estrogen and progesterone are also identified as helping factors in development of certain breast cancers called hormone positive breast cancers.

To know if breast cancer in a patient is hormone positive , a doctor sends the tissues of breast cancer obtained through biopsy. The hormone positive breast cancers are identified through expression of hormone receptors from the pathological findings of biopsy of breast cancer tissues. If the tissues show estrogen receptor the cancer is termed as ER positive breast cancer (ER+), If Progesterone receptor is more prominent , breast cancer is termed as PR+ . If both estrogen and progesterone receptors are prominent in breast cancer tissues , breast tumor is termed as ER-PR+ or hormone receptor positive ( HR +) breast cancers. If the breast cancer tissues does not show either estrogen receptors nor progesterone receptors they are termed as HR- ( hormone receptor negative ) breast cancers.

Hormonal treatment for HR+ breast cancers slows or stops the growth of hormone-sensitive tumors by blocking the body’s ability to produce hormones or by interfering with effects of hormones on breast cancer cells. 

Side effects of Hormone therapy for treatment of breast cancers:

Side effects of hormonal therapy for treating breast cancer depends on which medicine is used . The common side effects of hormonal therapy for breast cancers are:

  • Hot flushes
  • night sweats
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Disruption if menstrual cycles in pre menopausal women.

The less common but serious side effects of hormone therapy for treatment of breast cancers may include:

  • Risk of blood clots in legs and lungs
  • Increased risk of Strokes
  • Increased risk of developing cataract
  • Endometrial cancer or uterine sarcoma
  • Bone loss in pre menopausal women
  • Mood swings , depression and loss of libido.

The benefits and harms of taking hormone therapy should be carefully weighed for every Individual HR+ breast cancer patient.. 

We offer complete and comprehensive breast cancer treatment in India at best Indian cancer treatment hospitals and with best Indian cancer treatment specialist doctors.

Commonly asked questions about breast cancer treatment in India :

To get answers for most commonly asked questions about breast cancer read our exhaustive blog on breast cancers .

Thousands of international patients have taken successful breast cancer treatment in India with best Indian breast cancer treatment specialist doctors.

Breast cancer Winners from across the world - CMCS Health.

At CMCS Health , we have helped many breast cancer patients from all across the world , in winning their fight against breast cancer. Here are a few of our breast cancer winners who got their breast cancer treatment in India.

Sister Josphine from Kenya had a successful

Sister Josephine from Nairobi , Kenya was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer. She defeated breast cancer with us at Fortis memorial research institute , Gurugram , India.Sister Josephine is doing well with no recurrence of breast cancer and has also started her job as a primary school teacher.

Successful stage 2 , Invasive ductal cell carcinoma of breast with CMCS Health

Sister Ayesha from Mazar Sharif , Afghanistan had successfully defeated stage 2 , Invasive ductal cell carcinoma of breast with CMCS Health in India . She had her breast cancer surgery , chemotherapy and Radiation therapy at Max super specialty hospital , Saket , New Delhi, India.

Successful Paget's disease of breast treatment in India - CMCS Health.

Sister Dembe from Kampala , Uganda had successfully defeated Paget's disease of breast with assistance of CMCS Health at Sanar International hospital , Gurugram , India.

Successful relapsed breast cancer treatment with immunotherapy for a tanzania breast cancer patient - CMCS Health.

Sister Amidah from Arusha , Tanzania had successfully defeated relapsed angiosarcoma of breast through immunotherapy. CMCS Health assisted her in getting her breast cancer treatment in India at Fortis memorial research institute, Gurugram , India..

Successful triple negative breast cancer treatment for a Zimbabwe patient in India - CMCS Health.

Sister Ekene from Port Harcourt Nigeria , had successfully defeated a triple negative breast cancer at Artemis hospital , Gurugram , India. It is almost 5 years and there is no recurrence of her breast cancer. With every passing year the chances of breast cancer coming back is reduced.

Best breast cancer hospitals in India:

At CMCS Health we are associated with Best hospitals in India for breast cancer treatment for global medical travelers. Breast cancer is one of the most common cancers among women worldwide. Many medical travelers come to India for breast cancer treatment in India.

Any cancer treatment requires all the three speciality for cancer treatment namely cancer surgery , medical oncology ( Chemotherapy , targeted drug therapy and immunotherapy ) and radiation oncology.

A good cancer treatment hospital must have all the specialties for providing complete and comprehensive breast cancer treatment. There should be a regular tumor board meeting in the hospital for discussing every individual case of breast cancer, among the three specialty for deciding about treatment modalities.

Some of the chemotherapy medicines may have serious side effects so the top Indian hospitals for breast cancer treatment must have other super specialists like cardiologists and an intensive care unit for managing any serious side effects.

At CMCS Health , we are associated with Top Indian hospitals for breast cancer treatment having all the super specialities with most advanced intensive care units to handle any adverse eventuality.

Best breast cancer treatment hospitals in India - Fortis memorial research Institute.
Fortis memorial research institute
Gurugram , India.

FMRI is the flagship hospital for Fortis group of hospitals.Top breast cancer doctors in India at FMRI ensures comprehensive breast cancer treatment in India for both Indian and foreign patients. They have dedicated teams of medical oncologists , surgical oncologists and radiation oncologist to provide complete and comprehensive treatment in India for breast cancer. FMRI is having all the latest diagnostic facilities and is fully equipped to provide world class breast cancer treatment in India.

FMRI is located in the national capital region of India, Gurugram. It is 20 minute drive from Indira Gandhi international airport. Gurugram is also called the millennium city of India with all modern amenities. It is well connected to New Delhi by road and Delhi metro. There are many affordable and convenient guest houses near FMRI for patients and medical attendants.

Best breast cancer Hospitals in India - Fortis Hospital Noida - CMCS Health.
Fortis Hospital
Noida , India.

Fortis hospital , Noida is having a separate cancer treatment unit known as international oncology cancer institute offering all aspects of breast cancer treatment in India. Get quality breast cancer treatment in India at this top Indian breast cancer treatment hospital.

Noida is a well developed city falling under the national capital region of India. Affordable accommodation are available in safe and secure place near Fortis hospital Noida for global patients.

Fortis hospital group also has hospitals in Mumbai state of Maharashtra, Kolkata city of West Bengal state , Mohali , Amritsar cities in Punjab and many other hospitals to offer complete and comprehensive breast cancer treatment in India .

Best breast cancer treatment hospitals in India - Indraprastha Apollo
Indraprastha Apollo Hospital
New Delhi, India.

Apollo Hospital in New Delhi is one of the pioneer multi speciality hospitals in the capital city of India, New Delhi. Apollo Hospital offers all aspects of breast cancer screening , diagnostics and breast cancer treatments making it top Indian hospital for breast cancer treatment. Apollo Hospital is having top breast cancer doctors in India as treating faculty for complete breast cancer treatment in India.

"To the thousands of patients who visit for cancer treatment in India, the Apollo Hospitals Cancer Centre symbolizes hope that Cancer is Conquerable. The Cancer care system at Apollo Hospitals involves over 125 surgical and radiation Oncology specialists as well as diagnostic consultants that offer comprehensive breast cancer Care. The mission is to take the fight against cancer to the next frontier, and redefine clinical benchmarks and outcomes."

Best breast cancer hospitals in India.- Max Healthcare
Max super specialty Hospital
New Delhi , India.

Max hospitals are leading healthcare providers in India. Many of the max hospitals in India are among the Best hospitals in India for breast cancer treatment. Max hospitals offers services of top breast cancer doctors in India - medical oncologists ( Chemotherapy , targeted drug therapy and Immunotherapy ), oncology surgeons ( Breast cancer surgeons ) and Radiation oncologist for complete and comprehensive breast cancer treatment in India .

Located in the heart of Indian national capital , new Delhi , Max Super speciality hospital is the flagship hospital for Max Healthcare group of hospitals. Max super speciality hospital is one of the leading Indian breast cancer treatment hospital with their team of medical oncologists, surgical oncologists and radiation oncology doctors. Many patients from all across the world have got successful breast cancer treatment in India at this well known and admired breast cancer treatment hospital.

Best breast cancer hospitals in India - Medanta-The Medicity.
Medanta - The Medicity
Gurugram, Imdia.

Located in the national capital region of India, Gurugram, Medanta the medicity is one of the top multi-specialty hospitals in India. Medanta - The medicity hospital offers services of top breast cancer doctors in India for cost effective treatment of breast cancer.

"The Cancer Institute at Medanta was established in 2010 with a vision of being a one-stop destination for solutions to all cancer patients. The Medanta Cancer Institute comprises the Division of Medical and Haemato Oncology, Division of Radiation Oncology and multiple organ-specific surgical cancer divisions including Breast Services and Head and Neck Oncology. The experienced and trained oncologists work-in-coordination with the surgeons across departments and specialties to provide best possible care to patients. Medanta have advanced technologies such as CyberKnife VSI Robotic Radiosurgery, VMAT, IGRT, Tomotheraphy and other innovative diagnostic and imaging equipment."

Medanta the Medicity is one of the top Indian hospital for breast cancer treatment in northern India,

Best breast cancer hospitals in India - Artemis hospital.
Artemis Hospital
Gurugram , India.

"Artemis Hospital, established is a 600-plus bed; state-of-the-art multi-speciality hospital located in Gurgaon, India. Designed as one of the most advanced hospitals in India, Artemis provides a depth of expertise in the spectrum of advanced medical & surgical interventions.

Artemis has put modern technology in the hands of renowned doctors from across the country and abroad to set new standards in healthcare. "

All three speciality for treatments of breast cancers regularly conduct tumor board meetings for every breast cancer patient for complete and comprehensive breast cancer treatment. Complete and comprehensive breast cancer treatment in India - Top breast cancer doctors in India.

Send all your breast cancer treatments in India queries to us for getting opinion about treatment course and cost from top breast cancer doctors in India.

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