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Neuro-monitoring in spine surgery.

Bringing in the cutting edge technology for better clinical outcome in spine surgery in India.

Advantages of neuro monitoring in spine surgery:

Intraoperative neuro monitoring is a newer approach for spine surgery. Intra operative neuro monitoring is helpful for neuro surgeons performing complex spine surgery in preventing any possible damage to spinal chord during the spine surgery.

Intra operative neuro monitoring has improved the safety profile for spine surgery in India.

It has been used frequently in all advanced spine surgery centers all across the globe and it has been brought in India for better clinical outcome in complex spine surgeries.

The benefits clearly outweigh the slight increase in cost of surgery.We are committed to provide the best experience for our spine surgery patients in India by adopting the latest techniques prevalent internationally.

To know more about safest spine surgery in India with the cutting edge technology Neuro-montoring click om link below

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