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Dr ( Col.) Manjinder Sandhu

Pacemaker implant surgery in India

Pacemaker implant surgery in India

There are many reasons why some Bradycardia or low heartbeat patients requires a pacemaker implant.Bradycardia or slow heart beat occurs because of  sinus node’s inability to set the correct pace for your heartbeat.We are associated with best Indian Cardiologist at most well equipped cardiology centers for affordable and durable pacemaker implant surgery in India.

Reasons for slow heart beat or Bradycardia?

The reasons for bradycardia or slow heart beats may be :

  • Heart tissue wearing out due to ageing
  • Damage to heart tissue due to a long standing heart disease or heart attack
  • A congenital heart defect ( A defective heart condition since birth)
  • A complication as a result of any prior heart surgery
  • Inflammation in heart tissues due to some infection ( Myocarditis)
  • Under active thyroid function ( Hypothyroidism)
  • Disruption in breathing during sleep ( Obstructive sleep apnoea )
  • Certain autoimmune disorders like Lupus or rheumatic fever may also cause bradycardia or low heart beat.
  • Serum electrolyte imbalance ( Calcium or potassium ) may be a reason for bradycardia.
  • Certain medications prescribed for treating heart rhythm disorder, high Blood pressure or psychosis may also be responsible for low heart beat and bradycardia.

What are symptoms for bradycardia?

When a person is suffering from slow heart beat , his heart is unable to pump sufficient blood to be organs and tissues of body.

When sufficient blood is not pumped to certain organs and tissues they are deprived of oxygen, and low levels of oxygen in the affected organs and tissues may cause them to function erratically.

Symptoms observed by a person of low oxygen to certain organs and tissues may be:

Fainting ( Syncope)

Unexplained fatigue

Shortness of breath

Feeling dizzy or light hearted


Chest pain

easily tired after small exertion

Complications of bradycardia:

Sudden heart failure is a serious complication

frequent bouts of fainting

Chest pain

Low or high Blood pressure

Diagnosis of bradycardia or slow heart beat:


Holter monitor and event recorder

Tilt table test

Stress test

Blood and other pathology tests

Treatment for Bradycardia or slow heart beat:

Treating underline causes like hyperthyroidism or sleep apnea may correct slow heart beat or bardycardia problems.

Change of certain medications or tapering their dose may correct slow heart beat problems.

When other treatment options fails or not possible, a patient may be advised a pace maker implant for a slow heart beat or bradycardia.

Depending on a patient's heart condition , your doctor will decide to choose one among these two types of pacemaker.

  1. Single chamber pacemaker
  2. Duel chamber pacemaker

Dr Manjider Sandhu is Director Cardiology and Artemis cardiac care center at Artemis hospital ,Gurgaon, India.

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