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When a patient or his Medical attendants decide to get specialized medical treatment in India,they seek treatment opinion and cost from an India Hospital and Doctor. At CMCS Health , we empower medical travelers to India with second medical opinion of best Indian specialist doctors from different hospitals.

Second Medical Opinion:

Once a patient or his medical attendants decide to get the medical treatment in India under CMCS Health, we ask them to scan and  email us the relevant Medical Reports ( MRIs,CT Scans,X-Ray Films,Ultrasound and other pathology and lab reports) and a brief medical history , present and past health complaints and medications,Age and co morbid factors like diabetes and hypertension. We discuss these reports with concerned leading Indian medical specialists from different hospitals and Ask them about treatment course,cost and success rates,we give the choice of a Second Medical Opinion for our Global guests to have a comparative treatment cost and course of treatment from leading Indian specialists from different hospitals to help them in choosing a treating hospital and doctor for their best treatment and within their budget. Second medical opinion from best doctors of different hospitals. We help our global guests in choosing the best doctor and hospital ( depending on treatment required and expertise of treating doctor ) by providing them Second Medical Opinions.  
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