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Once a patient and his medical attendants confirm us that they are entrusting CMCS Health as their consultants for their specialized medical treatment needs in India and get their medical and Medical -X visa with our help, we help them in choosing their travel itinerary by taking prior appointments with their treating doctor in India , Booking a guest house with furnished kitchen or a budget hotel room for their stay in India. A team member of CMCS Health comes for Airport pickup on arrival in India and drop at the time of departure post completion of successful medical treatment.

Airport Pick Up and Drop :

Airport Pickup and drop. Once the patient and attendant book their flight tickets to India and give details for the travel date ,we arrange a pickup of patient and medical attendant from Airport in India. After Picking up the guest from Airport They are taken to their stay in India guest house or Hotel. Patient and medical attendants sign an agreement letter with CMCS Health official ,Two pre paid, pre activated Indian simcards are given to patient and medical attendant. A Complimentary Lunch and dinner is served for the patient and medical attendant on the arrival day in India. Patient is taken to treating hospital for start of treatment procedure. After successful completion of medical treatment CMCS Health arrange an Airport Drop for Guest ad their medical attendant for their return journey to their native country.  

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