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Brain and Spine Surgery in India

This is the branch of medical specialty that deals with medical problems and disorders associated with central nervous system including brain, spinal cord, peripheral nervous system and extra –cranial cerebrovascular system.

At complete Medicare Solutions we are associated with the best brain and spine surgeons of India. The latest of diagnostics and imaging facilities has improved the outcome of neurological surgeries greatly and with minimally invasive surgeries taking over the conventional surgeries, the hospital stay and recovery period of patients undergoing surgery has reduced to a big extent.

At Complete Medicare Solutions our associated hospitals are the best equipped Indian hospitals for performing complicated neurological surgeries with aplomb.

Understanding functions of brain and spinal cord:

The Human brain along with spinal cord constitutes human body’s central nervous system. Central nervous system controls body’s function and abilities. Brain receives information from other organs of body, interpret this information and then guide the human body’s response to information received.

CNS Diseases or Medical Conditions requiring Neurological surgeries:

There are many medical conditions that affect function of CNS. Some can be treated with Medicines and other non surgical measures but others require surgical intervention. The major surgeries performed to correct neurological disorders are listed below:

1) Brain Tumors surgery:

Both malignant (Cancerous) and Benign( non cancerous) tumors . A   trauma or bleeding in brain. Skull base surgery is performed with minimal incision for quicker and better outcomes. Gamma knife Radiosurgery is basically a type of radiation therapy used to treat brain tumors or other abnormalities in brain. It is much safer as compared to the  conventional brain surgery.The brain tumors requiring surgery are:Meningioma, Oligodendroglioma, Medulloblastoma and Brain stem glioma.

2) Stroke Surgery:

A brain stroke is a blockade of blood supply to part of brain, as a result of narrowing of blood vessels of a blood clot or a hemorrhage. An early treatment may save many lives and bad effects of a brain stroke.

3) Branchial Plexus Injury surgery:

Branchial plexus injury is injury to nerve network that control movement of shoulder, arms or hands. The most common causes are an accident, sports injury or injury at the time of child birth. It may render the arms unfunctional.

Spine Surgeries:

Spine surgeries are performed to correct any abnormality in spinal cord due to a trauma or injury or as a result of a degenerative medical condition. Spine surgeries are also performed to remove any spinal tumors. The major spine surgeries are: correction of damage to spine for any spinal cord injury, Lumbar disc replacement surgery for pain in lower back,spinal fusion Surgery, Scoliosis surgery is performed to correct any abnormal curve in spine, Microdiscectomy surgery is performed to correct leg or lower back pain. Laminectomy surgery is done to treat spine stenosis.

Recent Technological Advances in Neurology:

The modern diagnostics and imaging techniques have paved way for more accurate and effective neurological surgeries. CT-Scans, MRI , PET scan and MEG has helped the neurology surgeons to diagnose the medical condition and offer the exact medical treatment and procedure required for individualistic needs of patients. The Minimally incisive surgical procedures have made the outcome of surgery more precise and reduced the risk of complications of neurological surgery.

Robotic surgery is a latest advancement in medical field and have benefitted complicated brain and spine surgery with more accurate outcomes, minimal incision, reduced chances of complications, quicker recovery and early discharge of patients from hospital.

Post Neurology Surgery care and Management:

A proper follow up plan is prepared by Neurology doctors for evaluation and progress of medical condition of patients post the neurosurgery. Rehabilitation and physiotherapy is also recommended for certain patients for speeding up the recovery and living a normal healthy life post a neurosurgery.

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