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Dr Vedant Kabra – Cancer Surgeon | Surgical Oncologist

Dr Vedant Kabra - Cancer Surgeon,is Director - Surgical Oncology at FMRI,Gurgaon.
Dr Vedant Kabra has specialized in complicated cancer surgeries.. He has performed more than 12000 successful surgeries in cancer patients. Dr Kabra has mastered the cancer surgeries related to Cancers of Breast, Gastro-intestinal, Liver, Gall Bladder, Pancreas, Genito-urinary system, Lungs, Oral Cavity, Thyroid and Voice box. Dr Vedant Kabra did his post graduation in general surgery from Institute of medical sciences ,BHU,Varanasi,India. After three years of residency program in surgery at BHU,Varanasi,Dr Kabra Joined as Senior registrar and fellow in Onco Surgery department of prestigious Tata Memorial Cancer Institute at Mumbai,India. Dr Kabra got a special fellowship in Breast cancer surgery under the legendary Prof.Dr Rajendra Badwe. During his stay at Tata Memorial Cancer institute Dr Kabra performed many complicated cancer surgeries. As a clinical fellow and clinical associate at National Cancer Center,Singapore ,Dr Kabra perfected his Onco-surgical skills under the mentorship of Dr Prof. London Lucien Ooi. Before joining FMRI,Gurgaon as Director- Surgical Oncology,Dr Kabra has worked as Senior Oncology surgery consultant at Max Healthcare ,New Delhi,India and Consultant Surgical Oncologist at Bombay Hospital,Indore,India. Dr Vedant Kabra is actively involved in various forums related to cancer awareness as he believes in awareness is the need of the hour to disseminate correct information, to catch the cancers at an early stage when the cure rates are high and they require less intensive treatment.
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