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Deep brain stimulation (DBS) in India.

Deep brain stimulation (DBS) surgery in India - CMCS Health.

Deep brain stimulation ( DBS ) - The Process :

The concept of Deep brain stimulation ( DBS ) surgery evolved from the fact that the movement related disorders of Parkinson's disease and many other neurological disorders are caused by disorganized electrical signals in the areas of the brain that control movement. At CMCS Health , we along with our associated top Indian Neurosurgeons and intervention neurologists provide truly world class Deep brain stimulation ( DBS ) in India for both Indian and global patients.

How deep brain stimulation works :

The objective of Deep brain stimulation (DBS ) is to regulates abnormal electrical signaling patterns in the brain. Brain cells communicate with each other using electrical signals to control normal movement and other functions. When these signals become irregular and uncoordinated, it leads to motor symptoms. Deep brain stimulation (DBS ) interrupts the irregular signaling patterns so cells can communicate more smoothly and the symptoms are alleviated .

Deep brain Stimulation ( DBS ) process involves putting electrodes in either one or both sides of certain predetermined areas of brain ( either the Subthalamic nucleus or the Globus pallidus interna ) through a craniotomy surgery. These areas of the brain controls movements. The placement of electrodes in brain, during the Deep brain stimulation ( DBS) in India can be done in two ways.

  1. while the patient is fully awake and conscious during the implanting of electrodes, so that the Neuro-surgeon can ask questions and give you some simple tasks during the procedure. This is done to make sure that the electrodes are put correctly and at the desired site of brain.
  2. Procedure of implanting the electrodes in brain is done under general anesthesia with the help of imaging devices during the procedure for identification and putting the electrodes in the desired areas of brain.

The brain implanted electrodes are connected to a very small battery powered neurostimulator (electrical generator) placed under the person’s collarbone, similar to a cardiac pacemaker. This neurostimulator delivers continuous electrical pulses to the brain tissues through the electrodes. This neurostimulator also regulates and controls the amount of stimulation in deep brain stimulation (DBS ).

Deep brain stimulation ( DBS ) - Indications :

Deep brain stimulation ( DBS ) in India is the most common surgical procedure for Parkinson's disease. Deep brain stimulation ( DBS ) in India is taken up for correction of certain neurological disorders that includes:

  • Parkinson's disease
  • Essential tremors
  • Epilepsy
  • Dystonia
  • Obsessive compulsive disorders

Parkinson's disease :

Deep brain stimulation surgery(DBS) in India for Parkinson's disease.
Parkinson's disease - Deep brain stimulation (DBS) surgery in India | CMCS Health.

Parkinson's disease affects men almost 1.5 times more than women. Parkinson's disease is second most common neuro-degenerative disease of brain, after the Alzheimer. Parkinson's disease affects almost 1% of total population worldwide. It can occur even in younger people but the chances of younger people being affected with Parkinson's disease are very rare. As per the recent reports, currently more than 10 million people in the world are affected with Parkinson's disease.

Signs and symptoms of Parkinson's disease:

Parkinson's disease grows slowly, affects the nervous system and the body parts governed by the nerves. The symptoms start appearing gradually over years and may vary from person to person because of diversity of the disease. Symptoms of Parkinson's disease usually appear one side of the body first and then gradually affect the other side limbs too. The most common symptoms of Parkinson's disease are:

Symptoms of Parkinson's disease - Deep brain stimulation in India-CMCS Health.
Symptoms of Parkinson's disease- CMCS Health.
  • A rhythmic shaking of the limbs called Tremors. It usually starts in one side of the limbs first usually the fingers and hand. The tremor will be there when the arm is at rest but may decrease when some activity is performed by the arm.
  • Bradykinesia or slowed movements are also identified as symptoms for Parkinson's disease. Parkinson's disease makes simple task difficult and time consuming , even getting out of a chair becomes a big task. Patients stride while walking gets short and seems like dragging or shuffling of feet.
  • Parkinson's disease patient muscles also gets impacted and become rigid. The stiff muscles restrict range of movement and makes any movement painful.
  • Parkinson's disease patient's posture also changes from being upright to stooped. Patient may have balance problem and also develop an imbalanced gait.
  • Patients also looses involuntary movements like blinking, smiling or swinging of arms while walking.
  • Speech pattern changes occur in Parkinson's disease patients. Slurring sets in and initiation of a conservation becomes difficult.
  • A Parkinson's disease patient also have change in their handwriting and the usual writing strokes changes.

Deep Brain stimulation ( DBS ) for Parkinson's disease :

Parkinson's disease is a degenerative disease of brain usually occurring because of ageing but it can occur in people as young as 20 too. Parkinson's disease in young people is very rare. Although there is still no treatment for Parkinson's disease but new technological innovations have paved way for stopping or slowing the progression of the disease and improve quality of Parkinson's disease patients. At CMCS Health , we are associated with best Indian Neurology physicians , Neurology surgeons and intervention neurologists to offer effective control on symptoms and complications of Parkinson's disease patients. we offer cost effective deep brain stimulation (DBS) in India for Parkinson's Disease. Deep brain stimulation(DBS) surgery in India has benefitted many patients of Parkinson's disease from India and abroad.

DBS surgery for essential tremors:

Although deep brain stimulation ( DBS ) is approved for Parkinson's disease patients but patients of other movement disorders like Essential tremors also get benefitted with DBS.

Deep brain stimulation ( DBS ) for epilepsy:

Deep brain stimulation ( DBS ) in India is also used for those epilepsy patients who are 18 years or over in age and in whom seizures could not be controlled with anti epilepsy medications. DBS in epilepsy patients work by modulating brain cells and areas of the brain responsible for seizures through electrical stimulation. DBS is also used along with seizure medications for epilepsy patients.

Deep brain stimulation ( DBS ) for dystonia:

Earlier DBS was used only for severe cases of dystonia but in the last few years Deep brain stimulation surgery is used to treat greater varieties of dystonia patients.

DBS for obsessive compulsive disorders OCD :

Deep brain stimulation (DBS) is a newer treatment for major depression (MD) which is resistant to other treatments and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and major depression (MD) are common and disabling psychiatric disorders.Patients with MD or OCD may not respond well to pharmacological, psychotherapeutic, or somatic treatments. DBS was found to modulate dysfunctional neuronal networks involved in depression. It is documented in various studies that DBS is a promising alternative non ablative treatment for MD and OCD.

Selecting the right candidate for deep brain stimulation ( DBS ) :

Younger patients tolerate the DBS surgery better and may get benefitted more but there is no age restriction for the patients who can have deep brain stimulation (DBS) in India. Patients with significant dementia are not the right candidate foe deep brain stimulation ( DBS ) surgery.

It is evident from recently published data that deep brain stimulation (DBS) outcomes are best in improving quality of life and better control over motor function when it is performed before motor complications become disabling. So those Parkinson's disease patients in whom the motor dysfunction becomes evident should be considered for DBS before motor complications become disabling.

Parkinson's disease patients having mild cognitive disorders can be considered for deep brain stimulation ( DBS ) in India. But they need to be manged with medications for cognitive disorders . Patient with more severe forms or progressive changes may stand a risk of further deterioration triggered by the surgical process or DBS.

As with all elective brain surgeries, patient-specific medical conditions must be evaluated before deep brain stimulation ( DBS ) surgery.

  • Cardiac patients with a history of coronary vascular disease or history of angina should first be evaluated by a cardiologist before DBS.
  • Patients on antiplatelet agents for cardiovascular disease or anticoagulants for atrial fibrillation, pulmonary emboli, or deep venous thrombosis must temporarily stop taking these medications prior to deep brain stimulation surgery.
  • Patients who have co-morbid conditions such as hypertension and diabetes need proper control over hypertension and diabetes before DBS, to avoid intra-procedural and postoperative complications.

Why India for Deep brain stimulation (DBS ) surgery :

Top Indian hospitals offering neurological disease treatments are equipped with the latest , state of art technologies and neurology physicians , neuro-surgeons as well as intervention neurologists who are the masters in their craft.

  • The cutting edge technologies adopted by top neurology hospitals of India , combined with expertise and competency of Indian speciality doctors and high success rates have made India a preferred destination for global guests seeking Deep brain stimulation (DBS ) treatments. Cost of deep brain stimulation (DBS) in India is also quite reasonable as compared to other centers.
  • As DBS treatment may require a longer India stay , cost of rental apartments is a big consideration for patients seeking DBS treatment offshore. India offers many choices with readily available fully furnished guest houses and rented apartments in safe and secure environment that is close to the treating hospitals.
  • No waiting period for commencement of treatment.
  • Proper follow up of patient with treating Indian doctors once the patients reach back their respective countries.

Best in the world DBS devices available in India:

At CMCS Health , our associated deep brain stimulation treating hospital offers the choices among the best available DBS devices in the world. Although all the DBS devices are same in basic components and their function , but each device is designed and programmed in a different way to offer tailormade treatment for every individual patient . Some DBS devices offer the options of rechargeable batteries or electrodes that can deliver stimulation in novel ways or sense and record brain signals. The treating doctors will help in choosing the best suited DBS device for every individual patient by discussing about the suitability and pros and cons of every DBS device.

The best in the world DBS devices which are available in India are:

  • Infinity Deep brain stimulation system by Abbot.
  • Activa devices from Medtronic offers the choices of re-chargeable and non-rechargeable batteries.
  • Percept is the latest DBS device from Medtronic . It is first of its kind DBS device that can sense and record an individual’s unique brain signals.
  • Vercise from Boston scientific.

The rechargeable batteries may last up to 15 years (or more in some people) and non-rechargeable last, on average, about three to five years. The length of battery life depends on your individual settings. All current DBS devices also are safe for MRI, as long as certain safety conditions are met.

Cost of deep brain stimulation (DBS ) in India:

The cost of Deep brain stimulation ( DBS ) in India depends on the Indian hospital , expertise of the Indian doctor and the type and make of DBS device. Depending on these factors the average cost of DBS surgery in India:

Cost of investigations ( for ascertaining Suitability of DBS surgery , kind of device )800 - 1200 USD
Cost of Deep brain stimulation ( DBS ) in India including the cost of device.22'000 - 40'000 USD
Cost of deep brain stimulation ( DBS ) in India.

Top Indian Hospitals for deep brain stimulation ( DBS ) surgery :

Most of the top hospitals in India are JCI ( joint commission international ) & NABH ( National accreditation board of hospitals ) and offer hassle free medical treatments for global patients. Many of these hospitals treat patients insured with international health insurance companies enlisted in their panel.

Best deep brain stimulation - DBS - hospitals in India.
Max super-specialty Hospital 
Saket , New Delhi.

Max super-specialty Hospital , Saket , New Delhi is the flagship hospital for Max healthcare. Max super-specialty hospital , New Delhi claims that they provide unparalleled patient care and best hospital experience for patients of Deep brain stimulation ( DBS ) in India.

Manipal Hospital - Best deep brain stimulation hospital in India - cmcs health.
Manipal Hospital
Dwarka , New Delhi.

Manipal hospital , Dwarka , New Delhi ,claims that " To tackle various disorders pertaining to the nervous system, the Department of Neurological Disorders at Manipal Hospitals offers comprehensive services in Neurosurgery. Not just technology but it also has a team of world renowned neurologists and neurosurgeons, many of whom are faculty members with extensive experience in teaching and research to its credit. Disorders of the nervous system such as dementia, epilepsy, movement disorders, chronic pains, sleep disorders, headaches, multiple sclerosis and various other neuro-muscular diseases are effectively handled here."

Best deep brain stimulation ( DBS ) hospital in India - Medanta -The medicity - cmcs health.
Medanta- The Medicity
Gurugram, India.

Medanta - The Medicity is one of the leading multispecialty hospital of India. It is located in Gurugram and well connected to New Delhi by road and Metro rail ( Tube train ). It is at 20 minutes drive from New Delhi - Indira Gandhi international airport. Medanta is having a full fledged and dedicate neuro-sciences department with India's leading Neurologists and latest diagnostics facilities.

As per Medanta- The Medicity hospital - " Over the past few years, Brain Pacemaker surgery or Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) surgery has emerged as an effective therapy in such cases. Herein, a neurosurgeon implants a device that sends electrical signals to specific brain areas, depending on the disease being treated. As the disease progresses, these signals can be re-programmed or modulated to accommodate changing symptoms.

The essence of a successful brain pacemaker surgery is its precision and accuracy. In this regard, the inculcation of cutting-edge technological advances in the conduction of a DBS stands to logic.
An ingenuous innovation, Directional DBS has emerged as a game-changer. Unlike a conventional DBS surgery, which only allows neuromodulation in one direction, the segmented electrodes (leads) of a Directional DBS system helps in steering the stimulation of the specific region of interest in all three dimensions, thus significantly enhancing the surgical focus and precision while minimizing inadvertent side effects.

Another promising technological advancement of DBS is a real-time Brain-Sensing biomarker-guided feedback analysis of the local field potentials by the brain pacemaker pulse generator itself which would then automatically release a closed-loop anticipatory stimulation response.

Recently, we implanted North India’s first Directional- and Brain Sensing-coupled DBS system in a 70-year-old patient suffering from incapacitating Parkinson’s disease for almost 15 years.
An interesting innovation nowadays being increasingly used in clinical practice of brain pacemaker surgery is patient-specific direct targeting of neural circuits, which is an emerging approach for refractory Parkinson’s disease patients as the next step forward."

Fortis memorial research Institute - Best Deep brain stimulation treatment hospitals in India - CMCS Health.
Fortis Memorial research institute

Fortis memorial research Institute , Gurugram is the flagship hospital for Fortis group of hospitals. Very close to New Delhi's Indira Gandhi international airport and well connected by road and delhi metro.

Deep brain stimulation - DBS - in India - CMCS Health.- Artemis hospital.
Artemis Hospital

Artemis Hospital is a preferred hospital in north India among the global medical travelers. Located in national capital region , Gurugram.

"The distinct faculty of the Artemis Institute of Neurosciences uses their vast experience in to help diagnose and treat disorders of the nervous system affecting the whole body, the spine, brain, hands, legs, arms and face. The Neurosurgery department offers some of the most advanced surgical treatments along with a variety of non-surgical approaches to restore his patient's health and relieve their pain.  Artemis Neuroscience Hospital considers to be one of the best neuro hospital in India."

Best Indian deep brain stimulation hospitals-CMCS Health.
Indraprastha Apollo
New Delhi.

Indraprastha Apollo Hospital in New Delhi , is one of the pioneer Indian hospital that started the trend of Global travelers coming to India for super specialized medical treatments. Indraprastha Apollo hospital offers Deep brain stimulation

Best Doctors for deep brain stimulation( DBS) in India:

Dr. Rana Patir
Chairman - Neuro surgery.
Fortis memorial research Institute
Dr. V. S. Mehta - Best deep brain stimulation specialist - CMCS Health.
Dr. V.S. Mehta
Paras Hospital.

Speak to best Indian deep brain stimulation (DBS ) specialist doctors one to one through WhatsApp to clear any doubts about deep brain stimulation ( DBS) surgery in India.
Best Deep brain stimulation ( DBS ) surgery in India - CMCS health.
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Best treatments in India for Brain-AVM | CMCS Health.

Best Brain AVM treatment in India.

A Brain AVM if not treated in time, may cause a brain hemorrhage or a brain stroke and can be fatal at times. At CMCS Health , we provide Best Brain AVM treatment in India with top Neurology- brain surgeons and Intervention Neurologists at best brain surgery hospitals in India.

Arteriovenous malformation ( AVM) of Brain

Arteriovenous malformation ( AVM) is an abnormal connection between the arteries and veins. Both arteries and veins are part of the circulatory system. Arteries are the blood vessels in the body that carry oxygenated blood from the heart to all the cells in body. Arteries distribute oxygen , nutrients and hormones to all types of cells throughout the body. Whereas veins carry the deoxygenated blood from all the cells in body to heart. An arteriovenous malformation(AVM) usually occur in brain or spine but it can occur anywhere in body. An arteriovenous malformation (AVM) in brain is abnormal, snarled tangles of blood vessels that cause multiple irregular connections between arteries and veins in brain.

Why early Brain AVM treatment is needed :

The heart sends oxygenated blood to the brain through arteries. The arteries pass this blood through a series of progressively smaller networks of blood vessels, ending with the smallest blood vessels (capillaries). The capillaries slowly deliver oxygen through their thin, porous walls to the surrounding brain tissue.The deoxygenated blood passes into small blood vessels and then into larger veins that return the blood to the heart and lungs to get more oxygen. The multiple irregular connections between brain arteries and veins bypass the process of blood flow through these small blood capillaries and vessels. When the small capillaries' and vessels in brain are devoid of oxygenated blood and nutrients. The arteries and veins as well as the blood capillaries in brain can rupture because of the arteriovenous malformation( AVM) and cause bleeding in brain ( hemorrhage ) or a brain stroke.

We provide best brain AVM treatment in India at Top neuro-surgery or brain surgery hospital in India. Get a quotation about Best Brain AVM treatment cost in India with top brain surgeons in India.

Arteriovenous malformation ( AVM) Brain occurrence:

Brain AVMs are usually present in a child at the time of birth ( congenital ) but it can develop later too. A Brain AVM may be found soon after birth of the child or much later in life when the child grows into an adult, depending on its size and location. As a patient's body grows, the AVM grows too and become evident.

Categories of Arteriovenous malformation (AVM) :

AVMs are often categorized using a scale called the Schöbinger staging system.

  • Stage I (quiescence): The AVM is "quiet." The skin on top of the AVM may be warm and pink or red.
  • Stage II (expansion): The AVM gets larger. A pulse can be felt or heard in the AVM.
  • Stage III (destruction): The AVM causes pain, bleeding or ulcers.
  • Stage IV (decompensation): Heart failure occurs.

Complications of Brain AVM:

An untreated Brain AVM may cause serious complications. We not only provide the accurate diagnosis of Brain AVM but also the best Brain AVM treatment in India with Top brain surgery doctors in India.

  • An increased pressure against the walls of Brain AVM associated arteries and veins make them weak and thin, this may make them prone to rupturing. A rupture in Brain AVMs may cause hemorrhage or bleeding in brain.
  • Reduced oxygen to brain tissues due to deprivation of oxygenated blood supply make them weak or even gradually die. This will cause in stroke-like symptoms, such as difficulty speaking, weakness, numbness, vision loss or severe unsteadiness.
  • As The Brain AVM grow in size because of increased blood flow to them, they may compress brain tissues and push them towards the skull causing irreversible brain damage.

Do not delay the Brain AVM treatment. CMCS health connects you with top brain surgeon in India at best brain surgery - Neuro surgery hospital for a cost effective Brain AVM treatment in India.

Signs and symptoms of Brain AVM:

Many of Brain AVM patients does not have any early signs and symptoms. Many Brain-AVM patients shows signs only when AVM ruptures, resulting in hemorrhage. In about half of all brain AVMs, hemorrhage is the first sign.

Some Of the Brain AVM patients may have following signs and symptoms.

  • Headache or pain in one area of head.
  • Numbness or muscles weakness in any part of the body.
  • Seizures.

Other Brain AVM patients may experience more severe signs , depending on the location of Brain AVM.

  • Severe headache
  • Weakness, numbness or paralysis
  • Vision loss
  • Difficulty speaking
  • Confusion or inability to understand others
  • Severe unsteadiness

If you observe the above symptoms , send your query to us. We will connect you with Top brain - Neurosurgeon of India to help you in getting opinion anout treatment course and cost.

Risk Factors for Brain AVM:

  • Being a male increases the risk of Brain AVM.
  • Women during pregnancy may have a ruptured brain AVM.
  • Certain genetic conditions such as hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia (HHT) may increase the risk factor for Brain AVM.

Diagnosis of Brain AVM in India:

Most of the JCI accredited best brain surgery hospital in India have Latest diagnostic tests for accurate diagnosis of Brain AVM. The commonly conducted diagnostic procedures for brain AVM includes:

Brain Ultrasound for diagnosis of Brain AVM:

The first test that a clinician may recommend on suspicion of a Brain AVM is an ultrasound. An Ultrasound captures pictures of the blood vessels and tissues under the skin by using soundwaves. An ultrasound of brain also marks the speed of blood flow, which helps the clinician in diagnosing a Brain AVM.

An ultrasound is a preferred diagnostic tool for brain AVM diagnosis in children as it is completely pain free and does not require anesthesia.

Computerized tomography (CT scan) of brain for diagnosing Brain AVM:

CT scan of the brain create a detailed cross-sectional image of the brain by using a cluster of X-rays. A CT- scan of the brain will be able to highlight if the Brain AVM is pressing against a skull bone.

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) for Brain AVM:

MRI of Brain is more efficient than brain CT Scans in showing more subtle changes in brain tissues due to Brain AVM. MRI of brain provides more detailed pictures of the size and location of an AVM inside the brain. An MRI of the brain will also highlight the critical structures near the Brain AVM like a nerve that may be affected during the Brain AVM treatment.

Digital subtraction Angiography (DSA) for diagnosis of Brain AVM:

A Brain DSA delivers a very detailed image of the blood vessels in the brain to detect a problem with blood flow. Procedure is done under the general anesthesia. The procedure involves inserting a catheter (a small, thin tube) into an artery in the leg and passing it up to the blood vessels in the brain. A contrast dye is injected through the catheter and X-ray images are taken of the blood vessels. A Brain DSA test diagnose and "map" the blood vessels in an AVM and are also used during treatment of an AVM.

Best Brain AVM treatment in India:

We offer complete and comprehensive Best Brain AVM treatment in India with best Indian intervention neurologists and top brain surgeons in India. The factors that influence the treatment of Brain AVM are:

  • Size and location of Brain AVM.
  • Medical complaints of patient due to Brain AVM
  • Age of the Brain AVM patient.
  • Overall health of the Brain AVM patient.

The Goal of Brain AVM treatment is to prevent brain hemorrhage and control seizures and other neurological conditions.

Craniotomy - microsurgery | Best Brain AVM treatment in India :

Microsurgery is considered as a gold standard for AVMs treatment. A small nidus (up to 3 cm) can be completely removed in more than 94% of patients, with a good overall outcome in more than 90% cases .

If the Brain AVM has bled and is easily approachable, without harming any brain tissues or structures, then the neurosurgeon remove part of the skull temporarily ( Craniotomy ) to gain access to Brain AVM.

Top Neuro-Surgeons in India will use a high magnifying microscope to seal off the Brain AVM with special metallic clips and carefully removes the AVM from the surrounding brain tissues. After successful removal of Brain AVM the surgeon will reattach the skull bone and close the incision in the scalp.

Microsurgery for Brain AVM is done only after the neuro-surgeon assess that Brain AVM can be safely removed without the risk of further hemorrhage or seizures . For the Brain AVMs that are deeply rooted in brain or which are not easily accessible for surgical resection or when the treating top brain surgery doctor in India feels that surgical removal is too risky , other treatment options are discussed with the patient for best Brain-AVM treatments in India.

Use of latest technologies like neuro-navigation or indocyanine- green video-angiography by the best Brain surgery hospital in India have improved the results of microsurgery for brain AVMs in India considerably.

Endovascular embolization - Best Brain AVM treatment in India :

Endovascular embolization in India, using coils or Onyx, may be used for nidus reduction and sometimes for complete obliteration of Brain AVMs.

In endovascular embolization a catheter is inserted into an artery in the leg or wrist and is threaded through blood vessels to the brain using X-ray imaging. The treating doctor has already identified an artery that feeds the Brain AVM and injects an embolizing agent such as small particles, a glue-like substance, micro coils or other materials to block the identified artery feeding the brain AVM and reduce blood flow into the AVM.

Endovascular embolization is less invasive as compared to microsurgery for resection of Brain AVM.

However endovascular embolization does not offer a cure for Brain AVM . Over a period of time the Brain AVM may regrow.

At times Top brain surgery doctors in India treating Brain AVM recommend endovascular embolization before craniotomy for microsurgery of Brain-AVM, to reduce the size of Brain AVM and also the risk of bleeding during the surgery.

You can enquire about Endovascular embolization cost in India for brain AVM treatment from the Top brain surgeons in India by sending all your Brain scans , MRIs of brain to us.

Sclerotherapy Treatment - Best Brain AVM treatment in India :

Like endovascular embolization sclerotherapy is also used for reducing the size of Brain AVM. In sclerotherapy, a fluid (sclerosant ) is injected into the AVM to destroy the vessels and cause scars to form. These scarring will cause less or no blood flow through the AVM. 

Sclerotherapy is also used to treat other vascular malformations, such as venous malformations and lymphatic malformations.

Both endovascular embolization and sclerotherapy does not cure the Brain-AVM but reduces the size of Brain AVMs and also relieve the patient from symptoms.

CyberKnife or Gamma Knife ( stereotactic radiosurgery) treatment | Best Brain AVMs treatment in India :

Stereotactic radiosurgery is preferred choice for those Brain AVM patients where the Brain AVMs are deep rooted in brain tissues and surgery is not possible because of non-accessibility or the major risks outweigh the benefit of surgery. We are associated with Best CyberKnife treatment specialists and Top Neuro-surgeons of India for best Cyberknife treatment for brain AVM.

Stereotactic radiosurgery is not surgery in the traditional sense as there is no incision or cut. Instead, stereotactic radiosurgery uses 3D imaging to target high doses of radiation beams to the affected area with minimal impact on the surrounding healthy tissue.

Stereotactic radiosurgery of the brain and spine is typically completed in a single session.

Brain AVM treatment cost in India:

Cost of Brain AVM ( Arteriovenous malformation ) treatment depends on factors like hospital , city , specialist doctor treating Brain AVM and the type of treatment offered. We are associated with Top Hospitals for best Brain AVM treatment in India.

Cost Of Investigations for Brain AVM 500 - 1000 USD
Cost of Endovascular embolization for Brain AVM2000-4000 USD
Cost of CyberKnife Treatment for Brain AVM6000-8000 USD
Cost of craniotomy - microsurgery for Brain AVM5000-8000 USD
Cost Of best Brain AVM treatments in India.

Top 5 Brain AVM specialist - Best brain surgeons in India:


Dr. Rana Patir
Chairman -Neurosurgery
Fortis Memorial research Institute

Dr. V. S. Mehta - Best brain surgeon in India - Brain AVM specialist - CMCS Health.

Dr. V. S. Mehta
Director & HOD - Neuro-sciences
Paras Hospital

Best Brain AVM treatment Hospital in India | Best brain surgery hospital in India :

Medanta - The medicity - Best Brain AVM treatment hospital in India - CMCS Health.

Medanta the medicity 
Best Brain surgery Hospital in India

Best Brain AVM treatment hospital in India- Indraprastha Apollo - CMCS health.

Indraprastha Apollo 
Best Brain AVM treatment Hospital 
New Delhi.

Best Brain AVM hospital in India - Artemis Hospital - CMCS Health.
Artemis Hospital 
Best Brain AVM treatment Hospital.

Best Brain AVM hospital in India - Fortis memorial research Institute - CMCS Health.
Fortis memorial research Institute
Best Brain surgery Hospital.

Max super specialty hospital - Saket, New Delhi - Best Neuro-Surgery Hospital in India | CMCS Health.

Max super-specialty Hospital
Best Brain AVM treatment Hospital
 New Delhi.

A Testimonial - Successful Brain AVM treatment for a Kenyan patient in India:

Mr. Noah Kibet Mutal from Eldoret Kenya had a successful Brain AVM treatment in India at Fortis memorial research Institute in Gurugram, India under Dr. Sandeep Vaishya.

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Best Hospitals for meningiomas treatments in India.

Best Meningioma hospitals in India.

Meningioma - Best meningioma hospitals in India..

Meningiomas are slow growing tumors occurring in membranes of brain and spinal cord ( meninges). Meningioma are more common in African Americans and women. If not treated in time , meningiomas can grow big and cause serious neurological disorders. Untreated meningiomas may be fatal too. At CMCS Health , we offer cost effective meningioma treatments in India with best Indian neurology specialist doctors at best meningioma hospitals in India.

Meningiomas start in the meninges which are the membrane surrounding the brain and spinal cord. Meningiomas are generally slow-growing tumors of the brain and spine. As meningiomas grow slowly it is difficult to diagnose them in the early stage. These benign tumors are discovered when they become very large and start compressing the surrounding tissues. If left untreated certain meningiomas because of their size and location can cause severe neurological disorders and may even be fatal. Meningiomas are generally slow-growing tumors but in certain diagnosed cases they were found to be aggressive too. Most patients develop a single meningioma; however, some patients may develop several tumors growing simultaneously in other locations of the brain or spinal cord.

Signs and symptoms of meningioma:

Symptoms of meningioma .

Meningiomas are slow-growing tumors, symptoms are not very evident in the beginning. However the most common signs and symptoms of meningiomas could be :

  • Changes in vision, double or blurry vision
  • Persistent headaches that are worse in morning time
  • Gradual or sudden hearing loss or tinnitus
  • Gradual or sudden memory loss
  • Confusion or language problems
  • New seizures
  • Weakness in limbs ( hands and legs )
  • Sudden or gradual loss of smell

Meningioma symptoms may appear because of size and location of tumors.

Risk factors associated with meningioma:

Risk factors associated with meningioma .

Although the exact cause of meningioma is still not known but following factors are identified as a possible cause of development of meningioma. The risk of meningioma increases with age with a dramatic increase after 65 years. It is observed in studies related to meningiomas that African Americans are at higher risk of getting meningioma than other ethnic groups. Other risk factors associated with meningiomas are:

  • An earlier exposure to Radiation.
  • Being a woman increases the risk of meningiomas as female hormones estrogen , progesterone and usage of oral contraceptive pills and hormone replacement therapies are found to be associated with an increased risk of developing meningiomas.
  • An inherited medical condition ( genetic disorder ) Neurofibromatosis- Type 2 increases the risk of meningioma.
  • Obesity or an increased BMI ( body mass index ) increases the risk of meningioma.

Tests done at best meningioma hospitals in India for Diagnosis of Meningioma:

Meningioma diagnosis - CMCS Health.

Being slow-growing tumors and mixed symptoms with other medical conditions, the diagnosis of meningiomas is not easy. If a patient complains of slowly increasing signs of mental dysfunction, new seizures, or persistent headaches, or if there is evidence of pressure inside the skull, doctors may suspect a meningioma and advise the related investigations to confirm the diagnosis.At CMCS Health , we are associated with best meningioma hospitals in India for accurate and precise diagnosis of meningioma. Doctors may evaluate the patient with Imaging tests and a biopsy to confirm the diagnosis.

To diagnose a meningioma, Our expert Indian Neurologists at best Meningioma hospitals in India conduct a thorough neurological exam followed by an imaging test with contrast dye :

Computerized Tomography ( CT ) Scans for meningioma :

CT scans uses X rays to take cross sectional images of full brain and spine for diagnosis of meningiomas. At times an Iodine based dye ( contrast media ) to make the images more clear.

Magnetic resonance Imaging ( MRI ) for meningioma :

In MRIs magnetic fields and radio waves are used to create cross sectional images of structures inside the brain and spine. MRI scans provide more detailed images of brain and spine for accurate diagnosis of meningiomas.

Intra-operative MRI for meningioma treatments :

Intraoperative Magnetic Resonance imaging ( iMRI) uses magnetic fields and radio waves for creating accurate images of brain or spine when the neurosurgeon is performing the surgery for removal of tumors. Another advantage or iMRI is that it helps your neuro-surgeon in complete excision of meningioma tumors of brain and spine without harming critical tissues nearby the tumors.

Tumor biopsy:

Brain or spine tumor biopsy is a more confirmatory test for diagnosis of meningioma. Biopsy of brain or spine for meningioma also helps the clinician in deciding about the best treatment for meningioma.

Grades of meningioma :

Majority of brain tumors are categorized in 4 grades but meningiomas are categorized in 3 grades.

Grade -1 Meningioma:

Tumor cells looks least abnormal . Most benign operable meningiomas can be successfully treated with surgery or if they are inoperable , Radiation ( CyberKnife) can treat them effectively.

Grade - 2 Meningiomas:

Tumor cells look more abnormal. These meningiomas can grow and invade the surrounding tissues.

Grade 3 Meningiomas:

In Grade 3 meningiomas , tumor cells looked most abnormal. These meningiomas are aggressive type and can grow rapidly, also the recurrence rates are high with grade 3 meningiomas.

Treatments of Meningioma In India:

Meningioma Treatment in India.

Treatments for a meningioma depend on symptoms, type, location, patient’s health, and age. Treatments for Meningiomas may include:

Surgery for treatment of Meningiomas in India :

Meningiomas are generally benign tumors with well defined boundaries. Doctors treating meningioma may decide about microsurgery for removing the whole tumor along with the fibers that attach it to the coverings of the brain and bone. Our Meningioma specialist doctors at the best meningioma hospitals in India opens the skull through a craniotomy to enable full access to the meningioma. However sometimes it is not possible to remove the meningioma completely because of it's proximity to critical nerves ,veins and tissues. Our expert neuro-surgeons treating meningioma perform preoperative embolization of the tumor to ensure safety during the surgical procedure. 

For patients with whom total removal of the tumor carries significant risk of morbidity (any side effect that can cause decreased quality of life), it may be better to leave some of the tumor in place. Such patients are advised to have periodic CT scans or MRIs for keeping a track on , if the leftover tumor has started increasing in size.

Post surgery care for Meningioma patients :

If post surgery observation in meningioma patients shows no visible tumors or any increase in size of leftover tumors, no further treatment will be needed.

Cyberknife ( Radiation therapy ) treatment in India for Meningiomas:

The CyberKnife uses highly focused and precisely targeted radiation beams, from different angles that destroy the tumor while sparing surrounding healthy tissue. At CMCS health , we are associated with best Cyberknife treatment specialists in India at Best meningioma hospitals in India.

Cyberknife treatment for meningioma - CMCS health.

A major advantage to CyberKnife is that it’s non-invasive and doesn’t require a metal frame be screwed into the patient’s skull to perform treatment like with the Gamma Knife.

Meningioma symptoms like headaches, double vision, seizures, or other symptoms will improve after CyberKnife treatment, though improvements typically take several months or longer in some cases.

Chemotherapy for meningioma treatments in India:

Although chemotherapy is rarely used for meningioma patients. But in some patients of meningioma where surgery was not able to excise the whole tumor or the tumor is found to be atypical or malignant , doctors may use chemotherapy to reduce the risk of recurrence .

At CMCS health , we offer complete and comprehensive treatment for both brain and spine meningiomas.

Best Meningioma hospitals in India.

Best hospitals for meningioma treatment in India.
Best hospitals for meningioma treatment in India.

Many Joint commission international ( JCI) accredited hospitals in India are having state of art neurology departments with best Neurology physicians , Neurology surgeons and CyberKnife specialist doctors for diagnosis and treatment of Meningiomas.

Best Meningioma Hospitals in New Delhi / NCR, India :

  • Medanta - The Medicity Hospital , Gurugram , India.
  • Fortis memorial research Institute , Gurugram, India.
  • Indraprastha Apollo Hospital ,New Delhi , India.
  • Max super specialty Hospital , New Delhi , India.
  • Artemis Hospital , Gurugram , India.

Best Meningioma Hospitals in Mumbai , India :

  • Nanavati Max super specialty Hospital , Mumbai , India.
  • Global Hospital , Parel , Mumbai, India.
  • Wockhardt Super specialty Hospital , Mira road , Mumbai.
  • Seven Hills Hospital , Mumbai, India.

Best Meningioma Hospitals in Chennai , India :

  • Apollo Hospitals , Greams Road , Chennai , India.
  • MGM Healthcare Hospitals , Chennai , India.
  • Vijaya hospitals , Chennai , India.
  • Gleneagles Global Hospital, Chennai, India.

Best Meningioma Hospitals in Kolkata , India:

  • Apollo Gleneagles Hospital , Kolkata , India.
  • AMRI Hospital , salt lake , Kolkata , India.
  • Rubi general Hospital , Kolkata , India.
  • Fortis Hospital , Anandpur , Kolkata , India.

Best Meningioma specialist doctors in India:

At CMCS health we are associated with best Neuro-phisicians , Neuro-surgeons , Radiation oncologists and medical oncologist for complete and comprehensive meningioma treatments in India.

Best Meningioma doctors in India - Neuro Surgery :

  • Dr. Rana Patir , Neuro- Surgery , Fortis memorial research Institute .
  • Dr. Sandeep Vaishya , Neuro- surgery , Fortis memorial research Institute.
  • Dr. Aditya Gupta , Neuro surgery , Artemis Hospital.
  • Dr. V. S. Mehta , Neuro - Surgery , Paras Hospital.
  • Dr. Vinod Raina , Medical Oncologist , Fortis memorial research Institute.
  • Dr. Col. R. Ranga Rao , Medical Oncologist , Paras Hospital.
  • Dr. A.K. Anand , Radiation oncologist , Fortis memorial research Institute.
  • Dr. Tejinder Kataria , Radiation oncologist , Medanta - The Medicity.
Best Meningioma treatment specialists in India - CMCS health
Best Indian doctors for meningioma treatments.

For cost effective and comprehensive Meningioma treatments in India , send all investigation reports of patient with a brief medical history.

Cost of meningioma treatment in India:

Meningioma treatment cost in India depends on several factors , Like type of meningioma , treating hospital and treatment course.

Cost of investigations for evaluation 1000-1500 USD
Cost of Meningioma surgery4000 - 6000 USD
Cost of Cyberknife treatment for meningioma6000-10'000 USD
Meningioma treatment cost in India.
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