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Best Hospitals for meningiomas treatments in India.

Best Meningioma hospitals in India.

Meningioma - Best meningioma hospitals in India..

Meningiomas are slow growing tumors occurring in membranes of brain and spinal cord ( meninges). Meningioma are more common in African Americans and women. If not treated in time , meningiomas can grow big and cause serious neurological disorders. Untreated meningiomas may be fatal too. At CMCS Health , we offer cost effective meningioma treatments in India with best Indian neurology specialist doctors at best meningioma hospitals in India.

Meningiomas start in the meninges which are the membrane surrounding the brain and spinal cord. Meningiomas are generally slow-growing tumors of the brain and spine. As meningiomas grow slowly it is difficult to diagnose them in the early stage. These benign tumors are discovered when they become very large and start compressing the surrounding tissues. If left untreated certain meningiomas because of their size and location can cause severe neurological disorders and may even be fatal. Meningiomas are generally slow-growing tumors but in certain diagnosed cases they were found to be aggressive too. Most patients develop a single meningioma; however, some patients may develop several tumors growing simultaneously in other locations of the brain or spinal cord.

Signs and symptoms of meningioma:

Symptoms of meningioma .

Meningiomas are slow-growing tumors, symptoms are not very evident in the beginning. However the most common signs and symptoms of meningiomas could be :

  • Changes in vision, double or blurry vision
  • Persistent headaches that are worse in morning time
  • Gradual or sudden hearing loss or tinnitus
  • Gradual or sudden memory loss
  • Confusion or language problems
  • New seizures
  • Weakness in limbs ( hands and legs )
  • Sudden or gradual loss of smell

Meningioma symptoms may appear because of size and location of tumors.

Risk factors associated with meningioma:

Risk factors associated with meningioma .

Although the exact cause of meningioma is still not known but following factors are identified as a possible cause of development of meningioma. The risk of meningioma increases with age with a dramatic increase after 65 years. It is observed in studies related to meningiomas that African Americans are at higher risk of getting meningioma than other ethnic groups. Other risk factors associated with meningiomas are:

  • An earlier exposure to Radiation.
  • Being a woman increases the risk of meningiomas as female hormones estrogen , progesterone and usage of oral contraceptive pills and hormone replacement therapies are found to be associated with an increased risk of developing meningiomas.
  • An inherited medical condition ( genetic disorder ) Neurofibromatosis- Type 2 increases the risk of meningioma.
  • Obesity or an increased BMI ( body mass index ) increases the risk of meningioma.

Tests done at best meningioma hospitals in India for Diagnosis of Meningioma:

Meningioma diagnosis - CMCS Health.

Being slow-growing tumors and mixed symptoms with other medical conditions, the diagnosis of meningiomas is not easy. If a patient complains of slowly increasing signs of mental dysfunction, new seizures, or persistent headaches, or if there is evidence of pressure inside the skull, doctors may suspect a meningioma and advise the related investigations to confirm the diagnosis.At CMCS Health , we are associated with best meningioma hospitals in India for accurate and precise diagnosis of meningioma. Doctors may evaluate the patient with Imaging tests and a biopsy to confirm the diagnosis.

To diagnose a meningioma, Our expert Indian Neurologists at best Meningioma hospitals in India conduct a thorough neurological exam followed by an imaging test with contrast dye :

Computerized Tomography ( CT ) Scans for meningioma :

CT scans uses X rays to take cross sectional images of full brain and spine for diagnosis of meningiomas. At times an Iodine based dye ( contrast media ) to make the images more clear.

Magnetic resonance Imaging ( MRI ) for meningioma :

In MRIs magnetic fields and radio waves are used to create cross sectional images of structures inside the brain and spine. MRI scans provide more detailed images of brain and spine for accurate diagnosis of meningiomas.

Intra-operative MRI for meningioma treatments :

Intraoperative Magnetic Resonance imaging ( iMRI) uses magnetic fields and radio waves for creating accurate images of brain or spine when the neurosurgeon is performing the surgery for removal of tumors. Another advantage or iMRI is that it helps your neuro-surgeon in complete excision of meningioma tumors of brain and spine without harming critical tissues nearby the tumors.

Tumor biopsy:

Brain or spine tumor biopsy is a more confirmatory test for diagnosis of meningioma. Biopsy of brain or spine for meningioma also helps the clinician in deciding about the best treatment for meningioma.

Grades of meningioma :

Majority of brain tumors are categorized in 4 grades but meningiomas are categorized in 3 grades.

Grade -1 Meningioma:

Tumor cells looks least abnormal . Most benign operable meningiomas can be successfully treated with surgery or if they are inoperable , Radiation ( CyberKnife) can treat them effectively.

Grade - 2 Meningiomas:

Tumor cells look more abnormal. These meningiomas can grow and invade the surrounding tissues.

Grade 3 Meningiomas:

In Grade 3 meningiomas , tumor cells looked most abnormal. These meningiomas are aggressive type and can grow rapidly, also the recurrence rates are high with grade 3 meningiomas.

Treatments of Meningioma In India:

Meningioma Treatment in India.

Treatments for a meningioma depend on symptoms, type, location, patient’s health, and age. Treatments for Meningiomas may include:

Surgery for treatment of Meningiomas in India :

Meningiomas are generally benign tumors with well defined boundaries. Doctors treating meningioma may decide about microsurgery for removing the whole tumor along with the fibers that attach it to the coverings of the brain and bone. Our Meningioma specialist doctors at the best meningioma hospitals in India opens the skull through a craniotomy to enable full access to the meningioma. However sometimes it is not possible to remove the meningioma completely because of it's proximity to critical nerves ,veins and tissues. Our expert neuro-surgeons treating meningioma perform preoperative embolization of the tumor to ensure safety during the surgical procedure. 

For patients with whom total removal of the tumor carries significant risk of morbidity (any side effect that can cause decreased quality of life), it may be better to leave some of the tumor in place. Such patients are advised to have periodic CT scans or MRIs for keeping a track on , if the leftover tumor has started increasing in size.

Post surgery care for Meningioma patients :

If post surgery observation in meningioma patients shows no visible tumors or any increase in size of leftover tumors, no further treatment will be needed.

Cyberknife ( Radiation therapy ) treatment in India for Meningiomas:

The CyberKnife uses highly focused and precisely targeted radiation beams, from different angles that destroy the tumor while sparing surrounding healthy tissue. At CMCS health , we are associated with best Cyberknife treatment specialists in India at Best meningioma hospitals in India.

Cyberknife treatment for meningioma - CMCS health.

A major advantage to CyberKnife is that it’s non-invasive and doesn’t require a metal frame be screwed into the patient’s skull to perform treatment like with the Gamma Knife.

Meningioma symptoms like headaches, double vision, seizures, or other symptoms will improve after CyberKnife treatment, though improvements typically take several months or longer in some cases.

Chemotherapy for meningioma treatments in India:

Although chemotherapy is rarely used for meningioma patients. But in some patients of meningioma where surgery was not able to excise the whole tumor or the tumor is found to be atypical or malignant , doctors may use chemotherapy to reduce the risk of recurrence .

At CMCS health , we offer complete and comprehensive treatment for both brain and spine meningiomas.

Best Meningioma hospitals in India.

Best hospitals for meningioma treatment in India.
Best hospitals for meningioma treatment in India.

Many Joint commission international ( JCI) accredited hospitals in India are having state of art neurology departments with best Neurology physicians , Neurology surgeons and CyberKnife specialist doctors for diagnosis and treatment of Meningiomas.

Best Meningioma Hospitals in New Delhi / NCR, India :

  • Medanta - The Medicity Hospital , Gurugram , India.
  • Fortis memorial research Institute , Gurugram, India.
  • Indraprastha Apollo Hospital ,New Delhi , India.
  • Max super specialty Hospital , New Delhi , India.
  • Artemis Hospital , Gurugram , India.

Best Meningioma Hospitals in Mumbai , India :

  • Nanavati Max super specialty Hospital , Mumbai , India.
  • Global Hospital , Parel , Mumbai, India.
  • Wockhardt Super specialty Hospital , Mira road , Mumbai.
  • Seven Hills Hospital , Mumbai, India.

Best Meningioma Hospitals in Chennai , India :

  • Apollo Hospitals , Greams Road , Chennai , India.
  • MGM Healthcare Hospitals , Chennai , India.
  • Vijaya hospitals , Chennai , India.
  • Gleneagles Global Hospital, Chennai, India.

Best Meningioma Hospitals in Kolkata , India:

  • Apollo Gleneagles Hospital , Kolkata , India.
  • AMRI Hospital , salt lake , Kolkata , India.
  • Rubi general Hospital , Kolkata , India.
  • Fortis Hospital , Anandpur , Kolkata , India.

Best Meningioma specialist doctors in India:

At CMCS health we are associated with best Neuro-phisicians , Neuro-surgeons , Radiation oncologists and medical oncologist for complete and comprehensive meningioma treatments in India.

Best Meningioma doctors in India - Neuro Surgery :

  • Dr. Rana Patir , Neuro- Surgery , Fortis memorial research Institute .
  • Dr. Sandeep Vaishya , Neuro- surgery , Fortis memorial research Institute.
  • Dr. Aditya Gupta , Neuro surgery , Artemis Hospital.
  • Dr. V. S. Mehta , Neuro - Surgery , Paras Hospital.
  • Dr. Vinod Raina , Medical Oncologist , Fortis memorial research Institute.
  • Dr. Col. R. Ranga Rao , Medical Oncologist , Paras Hospital.
  • Dr. A.K. Anand , Radiation oncologist , Fortis memorial research Institute.
  • Dr. Tejinder Kataria , Radiation oncologist , Medanta - The Medicity.
Best Meningioma treatment specialists in India - CMCS health
Best Indian doctors for meningioma treatments.

For cost effective and comprehensive Meningioma treatments in India , send all investigation reports of patient with a brief medical history.

Cost of meningioma treatment in India:

Meningioma treatment cost in India depends on several factors , Like type of meningioma , treating hospital and treatment course.

Cost of investigations for evaluation 1000-1500 USD
Cost of Meningioma surgery4000 - 6000 USD
Cost of Cyberknife treatment for meningioma6000-10'000 USD
Meningioma treatment cost in India.
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